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The book ANIMAL LAWS OF INDIA is now available online for free , you can link to this address on your People for Animal website, so as anybody visiting your site can directly find any Act, Rule, judgment, etc..

If you look at the press release you will notice that things are bad on both sides. There are dogs who are being tortured and then there are people who are also getting bitten. The biggest question is WHY DOES THE civic bodies of India always wake up when the situation is literally biting their rear end. If they would have gone through a proper ABC programme in due time both man and beast would have been able to sit safely and in peace but now that the dogs have become gangs and becoming violent everyone blames the dogs, no one thinks that because the civic body did not do a stitch in time they are unable to even stitch it with 9. Stray dog becomes a menace when we don't do our jobs as humans. Personally I have got all the dogs near my area sterilised. They are all so docile that they play with the colony children.

P.S: I was recently informed that many of the press releases are highly trumped up and false including many of the bite reports which are exaggerated. However I am still uploading them as it is. 
All related press release please download the zip file.