I have no words for this state which does not feel any shame for what it did. Since 100s of elephants are tortured and killed in Kerala anyways every year they didn't care. This time because it was published on social media and it became a sensation, they had to take action and rather than feeling ashamed Keralites go on social media and try to justify by saying 

"The pineapple wasn't meant for the elephant it was meant for wild boars". Wow, that makes it so much better. "Farmers try to defend their farms by killing wild boars" oh well farmers are not supposed to build farms near forest land anyways you illogical morons. 

And when none of these works their jobless people hack PFA website. 


My website has also faced illegal hack attempts and DDOS attack in the last 24 hours. I have kept my security up but butt hurt ignoramus script kiddies are trying to hack me too. Well, good luck.