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mehrauli dog killing complaint

on 31st May 2017 , some residents and goons together in Mehrauli tried to kill the strays in their locality. One local resident who looks after the strays when tried to intervene got abused , hit and threatened. He got the dogs in his home to save them from the goons and called the police but NO POLICE SHOWED UP TO HELP. No matter how strong you make the laws of this country, when the law keepers don't care to ensure its application , nothing will ever change. Next day Mr Pravesh Kumar , the resident along with another local animal lover Mr. Sanjay Mehlawat went to the police station to file a complaint however they did not file an FIR or even take any action. They only filed a daily diary entry. We sincerely hope they will take stringent action eventually.

Here is the copy of the DD entry.


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A great endeavour has been started to mass sterilise female doggies in Delhi by good samaritans of Delhi. All the funding is being done by the people themselves as people are tired and sick of the govt doing anything at all except complain about large number of strays and proposing nonsense like killing them.

Team: Akrita Kalra, Anjali Kakati, Anoushka Mehta, & many more joining in

Financial sponsor : Akrita Kalra

Donation: welcome if anyone wants to contribute 

Details : only female dogs are sent for sterilisation to make it cost effectiveness as every dog is costing us Rs: 2000-2500

Female dogs should be 7 months and above and should not be nursing her just born kids. i.e. we're not picking up females who have kids less than 4 months old as they would be dependent on their mothers.

Tie ups: with Krishna Ashram & RT Sharma, Paws

Mission : #Nomorepuppiesontheroad
Trying to create a system so that this sterilization drive can keep continuing for a long time & actually makes a difference & we finally get to see Delhi NCR with no more puppies born on the road side and the stray dog population comes down in the most humane way possible.

This drive was started on 14 May & till date have sent 17 females for sterilization in the last 14 days.

Right now it's in South Delhi but slowly and gradually we have plans to cover whole Delhi & NCR

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The culprits were arrested. Here is a PETA update



Today acid was thrown on 32 dogs in an animal shelter called "Protection and care for animals" (PACFA) at Mohali. They were brutally beaten after acid was thrown on them. Machete and sticks were used in this brutal attack on dogs. Leashed dogs were chopped by attackers named by the monsters named below.

Only those dogs survived which were free in the shelter and hid under a trunk. The dead bodies of dogs are missing too. Four of the small pups were cut and injured had to be stitched. Out of 32 dogs nineteen are missing and only 11 are accounted for with grievous injuries. This act of cowardice was done was by Balwinder, Jimmy, Dhrarminder and others. These attackers also stole  food and other items of the shelter.

Mrs Resham Dhaliwal who runs Animal shelter (PACFA) in Mohali says yesterday she was assaulted by Balwinder, Jimmy, Dhrarminde and she called cops at shelter. Police came and took her assaulters into custody however and later released them in just an hour. Last night the Same three guys along with two others attacked the shelter with acid, machete and sticks.

Care taker had to run away to save herself at middle of the night. Now Police is compelling Mrs Resham Dhaliwal to compromise with the attackers. Police is not filing an FIR against above mentioned accused and not helping in tracing dead dogs and stolen articles.