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You reap what you sow, your karma comes back and bites you in the ass...it does for everyone. I have seen this happen to me as well. Kerala as a state is one of the cruelest states in India to animals. To top that the govt. has also been wiping out ecologically fragile areas of Kerala to make resorts and buildings.  This was to happen. Here is a small excerpt from a hindustan times report.


Kerala is among the states that receive the highest monsoon rainfall, but sustained low-pressure conditions over India’s western coast this year have caused the flooding in the state, India Meteorological Department officials said. Different studies, however, have found that climate change and deforestation were the main causes of an increase in rainfall.

Environmental scientist Dr VS Vijayan, a member of the expert panel on the Western Ghats, said Kerala was going through a man-made disaster. He said the impact should have been limited if the Gadgil committee report, aimed at protecting ecologically-fragile mountain ranges, was implemented.

He attributed the floods to human incursions and unscientific developmental activities in ecologically-sensitive areas.

“This was waiting to happen. Insensible use of land, soil and rocks led to this deluge. Landslips and flash floods happened in areas that witnessed widespread human incursions. I hope everyone will learn a lesson from this. Due to climate change, such tragedies are bound to increase. Nobody can stop rains or control floods. But we can take measures to lower the intensity of such impacts,” he said.

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Maneka Gandhi has sent several letters with allegations of corruption and conflict of interest against S.P. Gupta, who is known to be close to the RSS.

New Delhi: The environment ministry is looking into a series of complaints made against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh-affiliated chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), including those of corruption, conflict of interest and incompetence, environment minister Harsh Vardhan said.

In a letter to Union Minister Maneka Gandhi dated 19 July, Vardhan said he is getting the matter of “replacing the present AWBI Chairperson” looked into.

Vardhan was responding to a series of complaints made by Gandhi against the conduct of S.P. Gupta, a retired IAS officer, who runs his own “cow shelter” and is reported to be close to the RSS. Gupta was appointed as the AWBI chairperson in December last year.

Gandhi has so far written over six letters to the environment minister — all seen by ThePrint — highlighting instances of Gupta’s alleged misconduct.

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The society has lost its humanity It is completely Inhumane! Mother dog sobs as puppies beheaded by drunkards in Hyderabad's Hussaini Alam area on 6th August 2018. It is shameful to see what degree humans can slide down to when these kinds of incidents come to light. These kinds of crimes rather become just a file in the shelves of the Police records. Instead, it's our moral duty to make sure these animals live safely among the streets. These kind of crimes are truly heartbreaking and pathetic to see what humans have become these days. It's time to change for all of us and make sure that whoever had committed this heinous act gets the punishment and is behind the bars.

Everyone, please help me out in supporting this petition and as soon as we hit a certain target, we will make sure that justice is served to the mother whose kid's life was stolen by some monsters. 



(Above the link is shared for the proof ).