Savior turns Predator: Delhi Police beats a dog




Today on 10th Jan 2022 a Delhi Police employee has beaten a stray dog with a wooden stick. The incident took place in broad daylight right in the capital. The capital which houses the Supreme Court, the Parliament house, the President House, the Prime Minister's house and the residences and offices of all the heads of various departments and ministries which run this country. They all seem to collectively fail in stopping dog cruelty. The cruelty which is only increasing with each passing day......

Well, how can they when the saviours turn into predators????

It is the duty of the police to save the life of the stray dogs. But what if the police only become a threat to their life. Few police personnel from the Jafrabad police station, Delhi were on the surveillance of the area. They were on a bike when they found a stray dog staring at them as if he would bite them. This made these swollen-headed policemen angry and they thought of teaching this poor soul a lesson. One of them got down from the bike and started beating the dog with a thick wooden stick. He left the dog half dead and fled away in the bike. Luckily the children who were a witness to this incident took a glimpse of the cruelty on their mobile phone. The video is now viral all over social media. Kindly go on the link below to see how saviours turn into predators:

The condition of the dog is not good. He is currently undergoing treatment at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. To watch the dog kindly go on the link below:

The atrocities committed by police on these voiceless souls is nothing new but many go unreported. The dogs are abused, beaten and treated like filth by the people who are suppose to protect them. 

In Mhow in Madhya Pradesh four puppies barely a month old were brutally killed. Their faces were smashed. The traumatized mother and one of her puppies are the only two left alive.

A country where the police which is suppose to punish those who indulge in dog cruelty is itself indulging in dog cruelty and municipal corporation which is suppose to implement the ABC program is itself relocating and throwing dogs into jungles.......... then how justified it is to expect the common man of India not to indulge in killing, beating and relocating of dogs?

Madhya Pradesh a nightmare for dogs: Dog killed in Gwalior; ABC a mockery in Bhopal

On Wednesday 5th Jan 2022 a man brutally killed a dog. This incident took place in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. The dog used to often come to play with the female pet dog of the accused. The accused used to shoo away the dog but on Wednesday he lost his temper and hit the dog several times with a stick till he died.  To watch the beast kill a voiceless and helpless dog kindly go on the link below;

FIR has been lodged against the culprit. Peta India and Meet Ashar of Peta shared an update on this gruesome incident. Kindly go on the link below:

Bratin Chakraborty of PFA has shared another update on this case where he is saying that the culprit is still roaming free.

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. In the capital a three year old girl was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. And then what happened is nothing unusual in a county like India where most of the time things are done just to please the ministers and Chief Ministers. Well the municipal corporation has started picking up all the dogs. Old dogs, puppies, lactating mothers and pregnant dogs.

A reporter went and spoke to the father of the child who was dragged and bitten by the dogs. The child has been hospitalized. The father has said that the dogs should not be removed from the colony.

What happened to the child is shameful and should not have happened. But is it really the dogs who are at fault?

The bitter truth is that it is our fault that the dogs behave in such an aggressive manner. We leave them hungry, thirsty, wet and shivering in the cold. On top of it we humans beat them, pour cold water, hot water and sometimes acid on them. Many have witnessed their siblings and parents being killed or relocated right in front of their eyes. How can we expect them to be sweet and gentle to us. And then we humans have the audacity to call them rabid, wild, ferocious and a threat to our children. 

The Bhopal municipal corporation as always is doing a quick fix solution. This is both illegal and inhuman. 

As per dog rules 2001 the municipal corporations can only pick up unsterilized dogs and get them sterilized. And once sterilized they have to be dropped back at the same place from where they were picked up. Unfortunately the capital of Madhya Pradesh has made a mockery of the system. They hired four private trucks to catch the dogs. The ABC centers are full. In fact in one of the centres there were puppies too. The municipal workers got the mother and her babies there because she used to bark at the passerby. Now the puppies will stay at the centre till they have grown. 

Well ABC centres are the most infectious places. The puppies won't survive there for a very long time. 

And keeping puppies there is not permitted as per ABC rules. 

Sterilized dogs, Puppies, pregnant dogs, lactating mothers and sick dogs cannot be taken to the ABC centre. Then how come the Municipal corporation of Bhopal is breaking all the rules?

If the stray dog population has increased in Bhopal then it's entirely the fault of the municipal corporation and not of the dogs.

It is the commissioners, the councillors and mayors who should be punished for their failure in controlling the dog population. Instead it is the dog who is being punished. This is grave injustice. 

It's high time the govt of India and all the state govts start taking the ABC program seriously. 

We need effective implementation of the ABC program along with public awareness. And both are not happening in India. The only thing which is happening is killing of dogs and relocation of dogs........and God knows how long will this continue.........

Unfortunately the dog in India is seen as rabid and not as man's best friend and it is our govt machinery which is primarily responsible for this negative mindset. 

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh


Municipal corporation of Bhopal 


Commissioner of Bhopal 


RWAs & Municipal Corporations 2 villains in dog cruelty; Provision in PCA Act to punish RWAs needed

19 DEC 2021 — 

In the metropolitan cities of India it is the RWA (Resident welfare Association) which is the main villain in dog cruelty. Whether it be asking security guards to throw the dogs out of the residential complex or stop the feeders from feeding the dogs. We have seen how many of them have relocated dogs, killed them, manhandled the feeders and even levied fine on them. 

The Prevention of cruelty of animals act 1960 has no separate provision to punish such societies and associations. These associations have no business to take any decision regarding animals. Whether it be cats, dogs, monkeys, cows or birds...... but unfortunately these creatures take any decision which pleases their majority voters. And they have only one solution for street animals. Throw them out of the residential complex. Dogs are often chased away by security guards with wooden sticks. The monkeys are chased away with sling shots. 

A chat of a few members of a posh colony of East Delhi has gone viral on social media. The caregiver Sneha (M- +919999xxxxx) and others like her who feed the dogs are really scared. They are fearing that these people will hire security guards who will throw the dogs out soon from their colony. Just read their conversation (Pic in the post). One of them is saying that there is only one solution to get rid of the dogs from the colony and that is by throwing them out. About seven years back they had hired a guard from Nepal who had removed all the dogs. Such sinful, cruel and inhuman people are the people who run colonies. As long as our animal laws do not stop such people from taking decision concerning street animals they will keep taking such inhuman & illegal decisions. Because their motive is not to serve the society but to win elections by pleasing their prized voters by hook or by crook. 

A municipal corporation took a dog for sterilization on 11 Dec and dropped him back on 15th Dec 2021. The caregiver found the stitches open and the area swollen  and red with pus coming out of it. The dog was in a lot of pain. The caregiver without losing time took the dog to a vet and got him admitted. To see the dog and the mockery of the system kindly go on the link below:

ABC centers often break protocols and play with the lives of the dogs. In Mira Bhyandar municipal corporation near Mumbai, Maharashtra, its corporation workers came to pick up a dog on the complaint of the residents that the dog is biting. The dog had a maggot wound on his neck but the workers chose to use gasper rather than a net to to catch him. The whole exercise must have been not only traumatic but also painful. He was taken to the Mira Bhayandar ABC centre for sterilization. The caregivers were worried for the dog and when they asked how was the dog doing the centre said that the dog was in a critical condition. The caregivers then went to the centre and got the dog back. The dog is currently at a foster home and is undergoing treatment. To watch the dog and to read his story kindly go on the link below:

Not all dogs are lucky to have caregivers. They are taken for sterilization and they return with infections and diseases. They die a slow and a painful death. Some do not return. Either they are relocated or they die post operation. 

Sick, injured, pregnant, lactating mothers and puppies below six months are not suppose to be taken for sterilization but most of the time protocols are broken. They are taken sterilized and then dumped back within two to three days without any post operative care to die on the streets. 

Many ABC centers are not working for the welfare of dogs. Their motive is to make money. To reach the target of sterilizing n number of dogs. More the number better their performance. Unfortunately the parameter of performance is decided on the basis of quantity and not quality. 

When will the municipal corporations replace the random, inhuman and complaint centric ABC program with a systematic and humane approach is a big question.

Municipal Corporations and the RWAs are the two main villains who are responsible for so much cruelty towards the man's best friend. 

Municipal corporations have to change their working and the RWAs have to stop interfering with any matter related to street animals in their colony.  Only the Animal Welfare Bodies and its representatives should have a right to take any decision regarding animal in any residential or non residential area. 

Dog beaten to death in Chennai; Feeder fined Rs.8 lakh in Mumbai; Puppy smuggling in Kerala

A dog was beaten to death by two men in broad day light in Tamil Nadu. They kept beating the dog with sticks till the dog was unconcious and then dragged his body on the road. The fault of the dog was that he had attacked their goat a few days back.  These men then decided to teach the dog a lesson. And this is how they taught the dog a lesson. By taking away his life. Just unbelievable. Are these men humans? 

To watch the brutal killing of the dog kindly go on the link below:

A careless and ruthless driver crushed two dogs under his wheels. According to the eye witness he hit the dogs deliberately. Kindky go on the link below to see how the eye witnesses tried to.stop the car driver.

This is nothing unusual because many times people driving on the roads deliberately hit animals. Run over them without any guilt, any remorse. 

Five puppies were run over by a vehicle and according to the eye witnesses the driver deliberately ran over them. Four puppies died on the spot and the fifth one is critical. Kindly go on the link below to see the suffering of the alive puppy who is fighting against death.

A feeder was slapped a fine of Rs eight lakh for feeding stray dogs by  the management committee of her residential society in Mumbai. The name of the residential complex is NRI complex of seafood estate.

In another incident the feeders at Rishabh housing Co operative society in Dadar, Mumbai are being stopped to feed the dogs. There are many dogs inside the complex some of whom are small puppies.

The so called educated and affluent people living in the posh societies consider themselves above the law of India. They have been told that what they are doing is against law but they just don't care. These are uneducated literates of India who only possess degrees and money in banks but in reality they are paupers both in mind and heart. Shameless Indians who are curse on humanity. 

Their punishment should be harsher than those who are poor and illiterate and indulge in any kind of animal cruelty. 

Puppies were being smuggled in onion sacks in Mavelilkara in Kerala. God knows what they do with them. It's quite likely they are being used for dog meat.

When will all this stop? So much pain and suffering.

When will the govt and state govts wake up and start pro dog awareness campaigns?

We may be making swachh bharat ( clean india) but what about swachh dil aur deemag ( clean heart and mind). 

Cruelty continues: Dogs beaten mercilessly in Amritsar, Mohali, Rajkot, Ambala

9 JUN 2021 — 

Why is cruelty against man's best friend increasing in India???? Not a day goes by when a dog is not beaten, tortured and abused in India. Rather several dogs abused in a single day. 

A horrific video has gone viral where a man is seen beating a sleeping dog in the farms. This incident has taken place in a village in Amritsar, Punjab. The reporter in this case is frustrated with the Indian Govt's lack of will to do anything for these voiceless souls. It's high time the Govt made stricter animal laws. Kindly go on the link below to see the act of barbarism:

A man can be seen ruthlessly beating a dog who has hidden himself under a car. This is the height of cruelty. It seems the perpetrator was enjoying the painful scream of the dog. Because he went to beat the dog the second time as he didn't seem satisfied beating the poor soul the first time. This horrible incident has taken place in Mohali, Punjab

Few people in Rajkot, Gujarat tried to kill a dog (pic in the post). The dog seems half dead already. Don't know if he will survive.

A small puppy has been beaten by some insane cruel person. Kindly go on the link below to see how the puppy is suffering post attack:

A man in Ambala, Haryana is seen beating a dog with a stick.

Beating dogs is a very common sight in India. Whether it be villages or cities cruelties against the man's best friend is all over. Right from the uneducated to the most educated, they are all busy killing dogs and torturing them. It seems India which had a glorious past of tolerance and compassion is now turning into an intolerant and a barbaric state.