Pressing matters pertaining to dog breeders


Hon'ble Shri Anil Mukim ji,

Chief Secretary,

Government of Gujarat

Sub: Pressing matters pertaining to dog breeders

Respected sir,

I am writing to you with regard to a news clip that appeared in the Indian Express Gujarat section today, dated, 20-7-21, titled ‘Government warns of action against unregistered dog breeders.’ I want to convey my gratitude to the Government for taking the matter with great interest. However, there are a few pertinent aspects, that, I, as a concerned citizen want to bring to light;

1.       The registration fee is too nominal, rupees 5000, that any dog breeder can easily afford to shell off for their illegal business to thrive. For instance, an illegally bred Labrador pup is sold off maybe at around 5k and they sell such pups in numbers on a monthly basis. So, paying 5k is not even going to be peanuts for them. Rather they will have a legal sanction to go about the dog trafficking without the fear of being caught as they will flaunt their license. I am sure the Government does not want that. We want to disapprove of such parasites and together, we want to uproot the evil of animal trafficking from society. The vice is simply too deep rooted to be uprooted by a minimal 5k fee.

2.       Illegal dog breeders do not practice in the open, so it is highly unlikely that their shops will be a reflection of the dastardly practices they engage in. They proliferate in cramped settings wherein the common man and no authority has any access. It is a heinous cruel parallel industry that thrives in every nook and corner of every city.

3.       It is also very unfortunate that illegal dog breeders have a backing and a liaison with vets, ranging from novices to the best with booming practices and clinics because it is a mutually beneficial business for both. Time and again, I have been a witness to pregnant mother dogs undergoing ultrasound and the prices of their pups being decided even before they are born, pups are sold off as commodities, in bred dogs are abandoned and the list is endless. There are no ethics. It is a nexus between the breeders and the vets so it is not only the former but the latter too who needs to be monitored and cracked a whip on. 

I also take this opportunity to request the Government of Gujarat to open a portal for citizens to report on illegal breeders. Please help put an end to animal trafficking.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Kuhu Roy


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