Labrador beaten to death in Kerala; Pup thrown from third floor in Delhi; Bull beheaded in Noida

In India, it seems neither pets are safe nor stray, neither Indian breed dogs are safe nor foreign breeds. Animals are just not safe. 

Criminals and devils make no difference between dog breed, for them, it is just a poor dog whom they enjoy torturing and killing.

A case of cruelty has been reported from God's own country (Kerala) where a Labrador was beaten to death and later hanged on the hook of a bait. The sad part is that all this was done just for fun and no action could be taken against the culprits because they were politically well connected. Kindly go on the link below to see the poor dog being beaten and hung:


Kerala should change its name and call itself Devil's own country

Updated on 1st July 2021- the pet owner filed an FIR and the three culprits were arrested out of which one of them was a minor. But due to weak animal laws they were soon released on bail. For detail kindly go on the link below:


A pup was thrown from third floor of a building in South Delhi. The dog died instantly (pic in the post). 


In India it's not just dogs but also cows and bulls which are most unsafe. Unlike dogs, cows are revered and considered sacred. But they too are no longer safe in India.

A bull's (male cow) head was cut and thrown just a few feet away from his body. This barbaric incident has taken place in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Kindly go on the link below:



India has become a nightmare for animals. Wonder what are our ministers and chief ministers doing? 

When will laws be amended? Does the govt intend to amend the laws?????

Kerala chief minister 



Delhi chief minister



Uttar Pradesh chief minister 



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