Acid thrown on dogs in Agra;Pet owner abused by RWA in Hyderabad;Dogs illegally caught in Porbandar

Last month in March acid was thrown on three dogs in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The residents of the area said that five dogs stayed in their area and they were very good and friendly. They had never bitten anyone except that they used to bark at strangers or people who looked suspicious. People of the area used to feed the dogs too. The dogs are in a serious condition as they have received 50 per cent burns injuries. To know more about the incident kindly go on the link below:


Thank God media channels like nationvoicetv are bringing such barbaric incidents to light. 

Forget about caregivers and stray dogs even pet owners and their pet dogs are not safe. A pet owner has been harassed and his wife mentally abused for keeping a pet dog in the apartment which they own in the city of Hyderabad. This is disgusting and very shameful. Just watch the association president yelling and threatening the pet owner. This man should not only be debarred from contesting any kind of elections but should also be put behind bars. By his most barbaric action he has not only violated animal rights but us also guilty of violating human rights. This is no way to talk to a human being.......


Wonder why the common man of India hates dogs so much????

One of the reasons may be the indifferent and callous attitude of the governments across all states of India. The government machinery of India has failed the caregivers, pet owners and the man's best friend. The municipal corporation that has been entrusted with the ABC program has treated dogs like filth and trash. ABC program is only for name sake in many parts of India. A video has gone viral where the corporation very mercilessly have picked up stray dogs like filth and then dumped them in a garbage truck. The truck in which the dogs have been dumped has no ventilation or window. The truck seems to be a garbage picking truck and not an animal van. It's needless to say that the dogs have been picked up not for sterilisation but for relocation. And how many of them must have survived to be relocated in that garbage truck is a matter of debate. Imagine first the dog is picked up in the most brutal fashion and then dumped inside a dark, stinking, suffocating truck. This incident has taken place in Porbabdar, Gujarat which is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout his life, he preached and practised peace and nonviolence. Unfortunately today in his own birth place such incidents of cruelty are happening. This is not only inhuman but also illegal. Action should be taken against the people who are responsible for giving such orders.

Collector Porbandar

@D.N.Modi IAS


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