Dog dies after sexual assault in Punjab; Temple trustee kills puppy in temple premises in Mumbai

31 MAR 2021 — 

We have witnessed dogs being burnt alive, smashed against wall like a football, poisoned, brutally beaten with sticks, rods and stones, been poured acid but this way of killing by passes all. A monster in the guise of a human has sexually assaulted a female dog in Jalandhar, Punjab in the most brutal fashion. It's needless to say that the dog is no more and the monster has been arrested. Kindly go on the link below to find the latest Indian innovation in torturing and killing the man's best friend:


This incident came into public view but there are many such incidents which may be happening on the streets of India which have and are going unnoticed. God knows how many defenseless and voiceless dogs have already died a torturous death. If today such people are not punished then tomorrow it will be the same people who will abuse and kill children and women of India. 

A temple trustee beat a puppy to death (pic in the post) inside the temple premises in Bombay. What kind of a temple trustee is he? Such people have no business to run places of worship. This fellow deserves a more severe punishment than any common man who may have indulged in a similar crime.


A man brutally beats his own pets and when he is stopped from beating then he threatens of killing them all. Kindly go on the link below to see the details:


A famous restaurant owner in Faridabad apparently killed a dog under his car wheels. But there was no guilt and no remorse. 



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