Dog butchered to death in Jalandhar; caregiver harassed in East Delhi; Sad story of Poodle

20 MAR 2021 — 

A friendly dog was brutally murdered by dog haters in Jalandhar, Punjab. They first cut his limbs and then killed him. There is a lot of anger among the dog lovers of the colony. They are shocked by the inhuman and ghastly act committed by their neighbour. Many children of that area played with the dog and many people fed  the dog chappatis.

A resident of Preet Vihar threatened a caregiver Karamjeet with dire consequences if he is seen again feeding the dogs. The favourite excuse of these dog haters is that the dogs bite them because the feeders feed the dogs. Now how ridiculous is this? How can the animal feeder instigate a dog to bite a dog hater?????

These foolish and ignorant people need some basic education regarding dogs. It is their hostile behaviour towards dogs which invite the dogs to bite them and their children. Rather feeding dogs makes the dog friendly and calmer. Infact the dog hater opposing the caregiver from feeding should start feeding himself if he doesn't  want Karamjeet to feed the dogs of his area. These dog haters are shameless people who don't realize that a caregiver invests his precious time and money to feed these voiceless souls and on top it hears all this rubbish from the dog haters.

This is a sad story of Poodle and his caregiver Vikas. Poodle was a short, cute and a shy dog who was a loner and was afraid of other dogs. Vikas used to specially take Poodle away from other dogs and fed him in isolation at a particular location. Sometimes when Poodle was hurt or sick he was given on the spot treatment. This is very common for weak dogs as they are often attacked by bully dogs of the area.

But then Vikas stopped feeding Poodle as he was short of resources. People just don't realise that caregivers spend money from their own pockets and sometimes it becomes financially impossible for them to feed so many mouths. So they are forced to restrict their feeding to smaller numbers. The same thing happened with Vikas. He had to stop feeding Poodle. Last month Vikas was shocked to see Poodle in a very bad state (pic in the post). He seemed to be having fungal infection and injuries all over his body. He was bleeding for the last 15 days and no one bothered to give him any treatment. Rather people had put a tight rope around his neck may be for relocation and needless to say Poodle must have been hungry too. Both the people and the dogs of the area must have scared him and tortured him. 

When Vikas saw Poodle in such a horrible condition he took him to the hospital but then it was too late. Poodle left us all. Vikas is blaming himself for the sad demise and misery of his four legged friend who used to run and greet his human friend whenever he came to feed him. To read the honest confession and the guilt which is eating up Vikas kindly go on the link below:

Vikas is holding himself responsible for the death of Poodle. But is he guilty? Not at all. Poodle died because of the intolerant and apathetic people who had put rope around his neck to relocate him. The people who neither fed themselves nor allowed others to feed him. It is they who are responsible for Poodles death and not Vikas. 

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