Cruelty continues: Dogs beaten mercilessly in Amritsar, Mohali, Rajkot, Ambala

9 JUN 2021 — 

Why is cruelty against man's best friend increasing in India???? Not a day goes by when a dog is not beaten, tortured and abused in India. Rather several dogs abused in a single day. 

A horrific video has gone viral where a man is seen beating a sleeping dog in the farms. This incident has taken place in a village in Amritsar, Punjab. The reporter in this case is frustrated with the Indian Govt's lack of will to do anything for these voiceless souls. It's high time the Govt made stricter animal laws. Kindly go on the link below to see the act of barbarism:


A man can be seen ruthlessly beating a dog who has hidden himself under a car. This is the height of cruelty. It seems the perpetrator was enjoying the painful scream of the dog. Because he went to beat the dog the second time as he didn't seem satisfied beating the poor soul the first time. This horrible incident has taken place in Mohali, Punjab


Few people in Rajkot, Gujarat tried to kill a dog (pic in the post). The dog seems half dead already. Don't know if he will survive.


A small puppy has been beaten by some insane cruel person. Kindly go on the link below to see how the puppy is suffering post attack:


A man in Ambala, Haryana is seen beating a dog with a stick.


Beating dogs is a very common sight in India. Whether it be villages or cities cruelties against the man's best friend is all over. Right from the uneducated to the most educated, they are all busy killing dogs and torturing them. It seems India which had a glorious past of tolerance and compassion is now turning into an intolerant and a barbaric state. 

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