Police kills Dog with baseball bat in Noida; Sirsa SP gives order to protect animal feeders & animals

A police officer in Noida, Uttar Pradesh killed a dog in broad day light with a baseball bat. Kindly go on the link below to see the disgusting man and his disgusting deeds. 


The people who should be the custodian of animal laws are actually committing crimes and getting away with it. What a shame.....

A dog named Sheru was beaten up by the residents of a colony in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Earlier too people had thrown acid on Sheru but luckily he survived. The residents call him an aggressive dog. Anyhow Sheru is now recovering at Manav Farms an animal shelter. Sheru's caregiver was warned by the residents that if she does not remove Sheru from the colony then they would poison him. To watch Sheru and his pain kindly go on the link below:


The Superintendent of Police Arpit Jain of Sirsa, Haryana has issued an order to all the police personnel of his district to initiate action on animal welfare issues (Pic in the post). Given below are the main points in his order:

1 To take appropriate action against those who harass the caregivers and animal feeders 

2 To assist and help the Resident Welfare Association, caregivers and feeders who take care of animals. 

3 To ensure peaceful coexistence between man and animals in the area 

Isn't this a great order? If every police officer in India starts thinking and acting like Arpit Jain then the day is not far when India will once again become a world leader in peace and non violence. 

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