Man slits neck of a dog in Delhi;Policeman beats Dog in UP;Dog cruelty in Maharashtra, Bengal Punjab

On the night of 12th March 2022 a man has brutally cut the throat of a dog with a knife. This incident took place in Trilokpuri East Delhi. The dog is in a critical condition. To watch the unfortunate dog kindly go on the link below:



A policeman in Ghaziabad hit a dog so badly that his leg is broken. This man in the past too has indulged in dog cruelty.  He has relocated puppies and has constantly been beating the dogs of his area.  Kindly go on the link below to watch the monster hit a helpless dog:


In the past he was found relocating the puppies which is illegal and is a punishable offence. Kindly go on the link below to see how ugly acts of this policeman 


The reporter wants suspension of this officer. Such officers are a curse on the state as well their department. 

In another incident a female dog in Kolkata has been beaten brutally leaving her totally paralyzed. Kindly go on the link below:


A drunk man hit a dog on her eyes in Mumbai. The impact was so brutal that both her eyes just popped out (Pic in the post). 


A lady who has given shelter to stray dogs in her home has been manhandled and her dogs beaten. Who has beaten the dogs and ransacked her whole house is not clear in the video but this lady had to lock herself in the washroom when those monsters entered her house. They have turned the whole house upside down. The lady is in trauma. This incident has taken place in Majithia, Punjab.


A dog was beaten till he became absolutely unconscious and he is unable to move his jaws. 


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