Dogs physically abused in Delhi; Dog run over by truck in Mumbai; Anushka & Virat open rescue homes

Few miscreants in North Delhi can be seen abusing and torturing the dogs just for fun. They threw a dog on the ground and then kicked the dog with legs as if it was a football. The caregiver did try to file an FIR but the police didn't file the FIR. May be death alone of a dog is justifiable for the police to file an FIR. Anyway the DCP North Delhi has assured the caregiver that he will take necessary action against the culprits. To watch the dogs being tortured and the culprits having a gala time doing it kindly go on the link below:


A truck driver in Vasai West in Mumbai chased a dog deliberately and crushed him under his wheels. One can see how the dog was running for his life in front of the truck and the truck driver chasing him from the back and then deliberately hitting him from behind. The dog died.


Virat Kohli the famous cricketer and Anushka Sharma the Bollywood actress and Virat's wife have opened two animal shelters in Mumbai.


This is great news and many sick and injured animals will benefit by it but there are a couple of things that anyone who plans to run an animal shelter In India should keep in mind:

1 People in India often get confused with the name animal shelter. They start thinking that these are permanent homes for the animals. People then start dumping stray animals especially healthy dogs and small pups in those shelters. They often leave them outside the shelter thinking that the animal will be taken care of inside. Hence, one should avoid the word shelter and rather use words like hospital or rehabilitation centers. So that people know that these places are only for sick, disabled and injured animals and not for healthy animals. And that these are temporary homes. Once the animal is fine he shall be dropped back to his original location. 

2 The cost of running animal rescue homes is huge. The recurring costs are very high. Daily food, medical treatment, medicines, transportation and then the salary of the staff and monthly maintenance  cost ( electricity, water, rent etc..) are quite high. Hence, one should be very careful and give admission to only those animals who actually need the place and not to those who are healthy and fit. Healthy dogs are often relocated by people in these homes. People just do not know that these homes are not the right place for the animals and that their natural habitat is the only right place for them.

Anushka and Virat are celebrities and so may easily afford running two rescue homes but not all rescue homeowners are like them. Many people out of love for street animals have opened homes. But today they are struggling to make their ends meet.  This is a case from Jammu where the lady has given refuge to more than 250 animals who are mainly dogs. She has sold every asset she had and now she is ready to sell even her kidney. Because she just cannot see her animals die of hunger. To listen to her sad story kindly go on the link below:


This is another gentleman who is trying to make ends meet. He has more than 400 animals living in his home. To listen to his story kindly go on the link below:


If only the people of India knew that healthy dogs cannot be relocated and relocation is an offence then probably many of these rescue homes would not have been inundated with healthy and fit dogs. It's time people of India know the role of rescue homes and the founder and owner of homes too create awareness about the same. 

People who run animal rescue homes have a heart of gold and they start the homes often with the intention and passion to help the animals  without evaluating the financial and operating risks involved in it. But later they pay a very heavy price. Both at personal and professional level. 

Opening rescue homes is a very good step taken by Anushka and Virat but it's also very important that they become the voice of the voiceless. They educate people of India about the dog rules and bust myths attached with the Indian breed dogs. People of India should know that relocation of healthy dogs is an offence and that the Indian breed dog is neither dirty nor rabid. That they are as loving and loyal as any other pedigree breed. And most importantly animal rescue homes are not home for healthy and fit animals. They are rehabilitation centres for the injured, sick and disabled animals.

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