Dogs being killed and Caregivers being terrorized: Thane, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Takshila, Noida

31 MAR 2022 — 

Few men were found beating a dog with rods in Ulhasnagar, Thane, Maharashtra. The dog took refuge under a car but his tormentors didn't leave him even there. Don't know if the dog is dead or alive.


A mother dog and her pups were cemented in a wall. They would have soon died of suffocation if the rescuers had not broken the wall in time and rescued the dogs. To watch this latest mode of dog cruelty kindly go to the link below:


A pup was deliberately run over by a car in Delhi which broke his pelvis and spine and made him paralyzed for life. 


Someone in Trilokpuri, Delhi stabbed a dog with a knife.


Few men near Takshila college killed a dog by beating him up with rods. 


Puppies were being relocated by being put in a gunny bag but fortunately, their caregiver found them and rescued them. 


A grown-up pup was found with rubber bands around his neck. It seems someone deliberately put rubber bands around the neck of the pup when he was small. But now that he has grown up the bands have become tight and are cutting the pup's neck. Thankfully the rubber bands have been removed and the pup has been rescued. Just imagine if he was not spotted by a few good souls and rescued then he would have died of extreme pain and suffocation. 


Some maniacs put a piece of plastic around the neck of a dog. And they did it just for their amusement. 


The mouth of the dog was put in a plastic bottle. Obviously, this was done for entertainment


A female caregiver was harassed for feeding the dogs in Chandigarh. The residents told her not to feed the dogs. 


A president of a housing society in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is shamelessly levying fine on residents who feed Stray dogs. He is so proud of his sinister acts that he has recorded his most inhuman and illegal decision of not feeding the dogs and made it viral amongst his residents. His intentions are purely to terrorize the residents who feed the hungry and defenceless dogs (Pic in the post). Such RWAs and presidents of such societies should not only be legally punished but also be debared from contesting any kind of elections in future. 


Dogs are being killed, put behind cemented walls, run over by cars, abused for fun, relocated in gunny bags and caregivers are being terrorized. WHY ???????

When will all this stop?

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