Paravet physically abuses dog for biting him: Dog passed away!

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A very shocking case of dog cruelty is doing rounds on social media. A female dog was tortured in a very brutal fashion by a paravet working at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. She was physically abused just because she bit the paravet. Wonder what kind of paravet is he who took revenge on this innocent child just because she bit him?  This inhuman act is not expected from a paravet that too working for such a reputed animal shelter. it's hard to believe that this kind of cruelty has happened in one of the largest shelters of India. The shelter belongs to the PFA founder Maneka Gandhi and her sister Ambika Shukla runs the shelter. Both sisters have always stood for animals and have spoken unequivocally for their rights. Let's hope all the guilty here are punished and justice is done to the dog who is no more in this world. 



Very recently videos have gone viral trying to expose the bad condition in which the centre is but what people don't realize is that unlike many other shelters and centres where outsiders are not allowed to see the condition they work in this centre has never stopped people from entering the shelter and taking videos. Regardless to say the links shared in this post are also from the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre Facebook page. 

If the admins of the page wanted they could have removed the content which is talking ill about the centre.  

It takes years to build a name and it just takes a second to tarnish it all. So let's not malign the management for this most barbaric incident. 

What has happened is disgraceful and the management should see to it that all those responsible get punished. 

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