Kamini Kashyap isrunning our Almora shelter hands-on. The following blog is on ourAlmora place: http://www.almorapashusuraksha.wordpress.com/ In addition, under the aegis of 'Bhaumik' we have setup a small rescuecenter called Second Chance Animal Rescue in New Delhi, which ismanaged by Mrs. Dikshit. As of now we are operating out of her home.Due to lack of space we only manage to keep 3-4 dogs needing treatmentin her house at one time. However, we hope to workout a smalldedicated place soon and be able to help much more. Till recently, we all were doing our rescue and rehabilitation workindependently.

This was resulting in a lot of duplication of efforts,extra costs and repetition. That is why we decided to pool our effortsand finances to setup Second Chance. Through Second Chance Rescue Center, we hope to provide the followingassistance to street dogs:Provide regular food to dogs in and around Dwarka - at present we arefeeding more than 100 dogs in a daily basis and plan to increase tocover entire Dwarka area.Provide on the spot, as well as, long term veterinary care to streetdogs in Dwarka area - at present due to scarcity of funds and lack ofhousing space, we are not able to help as many dogs as we would liketo.Work towards creating community pets out of street dogs - this is ourpresent modus operandi. We make citizens, shopkeepers, laborers,guards friendly with dogs around them.

They keep an eye out on thesedogs while we take care of their food and veterinary care.Organize spaying / neutering operations for stray dogs followed bypersonalized post-op care. - Our experience has been that a number ofdogs return from shelters with new infections resulting in serioushealth issues like distemper, leptospirosis etc. We try and build up adog's health and immunity and have them vaccinated (7-in-1) beforesending them for sterilization. So far, due to lack of resources, weare only able to do limited work. We hope to expand our reach.Organize sterilizations in remote areas.To be sustainable we also offer kennel facility. Due to lack of space,as of now, we will only be able to house small dogs. However, once wehave a bigger place, we hope to expand our scope.

We are in constant need of food and veterinary supplies. Anyone whowould like to donate in cash or kind could make a cheque out to'Bhaumik Pashu Seva Suraksha Samiti' or pay online onhttp://dogsneedhelp.com/help-nowDonations made to Bhaumik are tax exempt per the law.

My email id is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards, Smita