Mr Singh was as usual unresponsive to every possible method of contact so Mr Amit and I went to the police station and launched an FIR.
Anjali Maam once come back from your vacation, I would like you to follow up on this with the SHO etc as your position of board member at AWBI , it will have a lot of effect while I will keep in touch with the head constable and keep everyone updated. Please check attached files for full details including phone numbers of head constable and SHO
Mr Amit and I also visited the other case in C R Park, the one at the C.A office. The man was actually very polite and seems like he actually loves the dog but didnt know that chaining a dog all day is a bad thing. He had rescued the dog after a car accident and has been keeping her since then. Mr Amit educated him and it seems he will keep her better now and I will keep an eye on her.
Mr Amit, I will call the head constable tomorrow and get full details because I think its too early today. 

Special thanks to Amit and Anjali without whom all this would not have been possible however the work is not complete. We need to ensure that either Mr Singh keeps the dog well or gives the dogs to us.

Anando Das Gupta