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Dogs rescued in assam by police that were being smuggled to Nagaland for butchering. 

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leopard walks into sohna

A poor leopard wandered into a residential colony near Sohna in Harayana. Due to rampant encroachment of the Aravalli hills , the poor animals have no place to go and now walk into residential areas which even few years back were jungles and then the humans complain of man animal conflict. 

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 saptarshi farm gurgaon


Q1) how did you get into saving animals?

Answer: Its a long story. The apartments I stayed in when I was in south Delhi had this lone stray dog called
Tommy. Like other RWA he was subjected to cruelty by guards and RWA functionaries as he was being fed
by me. I stood ground and fought for him and saved him from distress.

Q2) What is your normal day like due to all the animals you look after?

Answer: We have two farms near Gurgaon which houses around 70 odd canines in different stages of their lives.
Its a place for old,handicapped,blind and those canines who have nowhere to go. So usually we start
very early as attendants clean the place and then they start feeding. I generally leave for work around
8 and they continue with their daily chores. Then once I return in the evening, I love to spend all my time with my children (dogs and animals). I sit in the lawn with them . They all sit around me while I listen to music or watch some TV and relax. At night some of my first kids sleep in my bed room, the rest all sleep in the drawing room which is setup with high quality coolers.

Q3) How many animals do you look after in total including the ones you feed outside?

Answer: should be around 200 including those we feed in New Delhi

Q4) What have been your best moments in animal rescue?

Answer: There are many canines who comes to us at a very delicate time of their life. One such case is of a
female 3 legged dog whose another leg had a severe injury and we had to amputate her. Chances was dim
almost as she had lost a lot of blood and infection had set in, however with gods grace she survived
and now run around with her two hind legs.

Q5) What were your toughest times since you took up this cause?

Answer: Commercially 2013-16 as there were too many to take care with too less resources.

Q6) What would you suggest other people who also want to take up a similar cause.

Answer: Its a noble but a thankless job. end of the day you will have a peaceful sleep

Q7) Some last wise words for our readers on how to look after stray animals.

Answer: For canines, sterilise as many possible and look into their medication. Remember to be with them when they
need medical help more than feeding them regularly.


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