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   "The Killing of 100,000 dogs in Srinagar, India"

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6.5 billion people causing wars, havoc and global warming are the cause for the future desctruction of this planet which we some lovingly call home .
Now there is no doubt about the fact that dogs need to be spayed and neutrered and I have personally seen to that in my neighbourhood. I got almost 14 dogs spayed .
I have also personally seen dogs being stoned and hit by chidlren for fun. Being subjected to attacks of acid and keroscene. The dogs skin and flesh falls of and fills with maggots, gets heavily infected and starts stinking. After that where ever the dog sits the place stinks and people near by hit it even more. At the end of it becomes so weak that it just dies while crossing a road or of infection and fever.
I see dead dogs being run over by car every single day. I see cats cows and all other animals being cruely treated by some one or the other but I dont see any of them being arrested or killed. So why is that one mad dog constitutes to the factor that all dogs need to be killed. Your loved ones were bitten by a dog and I am sorry to hear that, ive seen bitches sitting on the carcasses of their dead pups for 2 nights crying and not moving even when stoned so dont feel so sorry for yourself and yes before you ask I HAVE BEEN bitten by a dog while trying to save it.

By personal experience I have seen that the people crying foul and calling for extermination of all dogs are the ones who litter the most, do nothing about the the problem and the only solution to them is to watch TV at night and chuck a stone at a passing by pup while going to office.

Last but not the least, there is no doubt in my mind that mad dogs have to be removed of the street ASAP and put to sleep if necessary as they are a risk to everyone around them not just children and old people but animals themselves.