Has anyone seen the Movie "the year of the dog". I think you should. It kind of tells us what insane people like us feel.


The Year Of THe Dog

The Bombay High Court's judgement has been highly misinterpreted by most people and consciencly by BMC so that they can do what they want. The term "nuisance" has also been defined properly and BMC has actually been put on a very short leash by the court (read from page 150 of the judgement) but I still feel this order needs to be appealed in Supreme Court or Bombay High Court it self , some other bench maybe because it has left a lot to speculation and can be easily used by people for doing wrong. We all agree that dangerous and rabid dogs need to be put to sleep but not like this at the discretion of a municipality which is more than happy to turn this into a business. Whats stopping them from taking some money from a bunch of hooligans in a locality to kill some strays?

I am attaching the judgement and few articles that I feel everyone will find very interesting. Many thanks to Rishidev for his help and information. YOU NEED WINRAR/WINZIP or SOMEOTHER program to unzip these files.

<"http://www.finalstand.org/bombayhcorder.rar">DOWNLOAD HERE(RAR)</a>
<"http://www.finalstand.org/bombayhcorder.zip">DOWNLOAD HERE(ZIP)</a>