Dear friends,
The protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi which was held yesterday was a huge success with more than 300 people who joined the rally. This also includes many distinguished figures, politicians, performers, musical bands, editors of leading newspapers, etc.
Many news channels amd others including IBN7 provided extensive coverage to the rally which was aired today at 5:30 pm.
This link shows some of the pictures taken at the protest :
Here are some of the online news reports of the event :
We will upload and circulate the information about the demonstration which was simultaneously held at London on the same day as and when we receive the pictures and the reports.
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Rishi Dev,
Dear friends,
Attached are two article that had surfaced in the Times of india recently. The first articles highlights the issue raised by the CWF regarding "health issues" that arise out of the presence of street animals in Delhi.
The Delhi Health Minister Ms Kiran Walia of all things felt that street dogs and cattle are a big concern vis a vis health standards to be maintained while the games would be taking place in Delhi. They have all missed the Yamuna River and the faulty waste disposal system of the Delhi and have focussed on the animals, as these animals dont speak back.
Even though they have "officially" spared the street dogs as in the second article, but reports are pouring in daily of the dogs that are going "missing" from localities in huge numbers.