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Dear Smita/ Ruhi,
I read the article. Some observations which you might want to consider asking TOI. I couldnt locate any email id. If anyone else can then please write to them asking the following - ( i will also try)
a) Did anyone see the dogs attacking the deer ?
b) Did any postmortem confirm they were attacked by another animal ? i.e. cause of death
c) Generally if dogs attack then they do it for food. so why would they leave the deer rotting. in fact dogs eat anything dead and the reason these deer were rotting prooves that dogs were not even around for many days.
d) Last year in Agra 32 deer died in a similar manner and the reason quoted were 2 - a) HEAT STROKE b) second time they ate clover grass which is mixed and found all around delhi and NCR. if you search the net then you will see that it is highly poisonous and causes deaths of animals quite regularly. So it could be either heat or clover grass which is commonly found.
So if anyone of you have access to this reporter then please try to persuade them to write another article clarifying or atleast presenting these possibilities which can do some damage control. TOI is one paper which is still away from such nonosense and conjectured articles. Please try to maintain the same.