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I have been putting off writing anything about this for a long time. Simply because my anger was so much that I knew I would end up writing horrid things about the people of my own country and my own politicians whom I have voted to power. However I feel its about time I do write . This blot of a sport called Jallikattu which supreme court took so many years in blocking was overturned for the want of votes by an ordinance. The most un democratic thing that can happen. The supreme court stopped it due to the very fact that animals should not be used in anyway , let alone tortured which in Jallikattu they consistently are. Now let us see what the defenders of this moronic sport say:

1) Its our cultural right : So was child marriage , Sati and  dowry and I am sure you people would like to continue those and pass an ordinance to make those legal again as well.

2) There are similar sports in other parts of the world too : Oh ok! so if someone else makes mistakes we should too? Do you know the amount of protests the Spanish bull fighting is facing? Also in that case aren't you people the first ones who say don't ape the west? Now when its convenient all of a sudden you are giving example of Europe and America? In that case lets follow suit. Spain has wonderful nude beaches, lets start some of those too. Then don't come and shout about your "culture going bhrast" .

3) " So what if they are tortured and abused for few days , the rest of the year we keep them very well " :- Wow this is the best excuse I heard. Tell you what . Ill pay and keep one such jallikattu supporter for 360 days and then the remaining 5 days I should be allowed to beat you up and throw chillies in your eyes and whatever else that you guys do to the bulls. Deal?

Someone once told me that there are some politicians who do serve and I told him that all politicians serve...only their own interest. If its in their interest to help animals as it will get them votes , then they will help animals , if not , they will pack them all in a gas chamber and kill them like Hitler. 


IMG Source: BBC

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Look at the humanity of people, they drag a stray behind a jeep because they didnt want it around their society. IREO residential complex is a stone's throw from Nirvana whose residents have setup sterilisation camps and have a full time feeding and puppy shelter area. Tale of two contradicting societies.

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Video of Dog Being Beaten to Death Goes Viral, Security Guard Booked


The video of a dog being brutally beaten to death by the security guard of a university in Rohini area of outer Delhi went viral, prompting police to register a case against the accused.

"We have registered a case in this connection under relevant provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and IPC on complaint of an NGO. The accused guard of Delhi Technical University (DTU) is absconding," said MN Tiwari, DCP Rohini.


Ayesha Christina of NGO Neighbourhood Woof lodged the police complaint in the incident and posted the video which showed the guard hitting the dog's head with a stick.

A senior DTU official said an enquiry has been set up but the accused is yet to be identified. "We have set up an inquiry committee to look into the issue. The guard has not been identified yet. However, the particular dog has been found difficult to control in past as well. It has harmed 10-12 students earlier too," the official said.

The incident led to protest in the university with students demanding action against the guard.

Christina posted a long post on Facebook saying "right now, we will not compromise and are united on two points: the guard be handed over to police custody and that the person/ authority who instructed the guard be caught and booked as well