Do you have a minute to read about my dear Max?

Max is in a critical condition right now as he fights a deadly disease that has left his whole body infected and bleeding. Unfortunately, this is not the only bad thing that has happened to this baby of mine.

In a way the story of Paw In Need and Max have the same origin story. If you have followed this page for a while, you would know about Lucy. She was the reason I started Paw in need after a pregnant Lucy was thrown off the 4th floor of a building and the fall left her with 2 broken hind legs. She still gave birth in that condition but 15 days later she passed away. Max was one of the puppy in Lucy’s litter.

Curve Ball # 1 : At just a small age of 15 days, Max lost his mother and soon after that all of his siblings also died in road accidents. I started to raise Max myself to make sure the last remaining child of Lucy survives and for sometime max was doing ok when another curveball hit us
Curve Ball # 2 : Max was a 2-3 month puppy when some people from the village near my college campus took Max away. This happened while I was at lectures and for the next few days, I frantically looked for him to finally be told he was “adopted” by this local family. I was happy max had a home but that was a mistake. A month later when I went to check on him, I saw max tied outside the house, skinny to his bones and battered. I spoke to the family but they refuse to let me take him. I was distraught for days not knowing what to do. In a moment of adrenaline, I went to the house one night and rescued him while that awful family was sleeping. All was good in max’s world again for he was back with me and his pack and growing up to be a healthy albeit a shy and reserved dog

Curve Ball #3 Just when the going started getting good life has thrown the third curveball towards max and it’s the worst one yet. It is a combination of the first and second curveball with an added twist. My poor max having lost his mother and was orphaned at 15 days old which left him with a compromised immune system. He has battled with skin issues since he was a kid but in his already short life of just 10 months, he has already suffered loss, abuse and the harsh living conditions of the streets in India. Max has been deducted with Demodectic Mange which has caused a horrible outbreak of infection that is bleeding.
Max will need intensive care for 3 months with regular blood tests to ensure the medication does not harm his kidneys. Max and his mother were the reason I became an animal rescuer and I will not let go of him without a fight. His treatment will be long and costly with an immediate need for INR 30,000 ( $422) but I have faith that I along with the support of you all will pull him through. Not only do I need him to be hale and heart again I will also ensure he finds a loving home where he can be a carefree puppy that life has not allowed him to be yet.

If you want to help towards Max’s medical bills please donate on the following
Paytm:- 8171762700
GPay:- tripathisonali4@oksbi

After two rescues, illegal pet breeders in city under scanner


hiruvananthapuram: Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) and People for Animals (PFA) volunteers in the city have launched a campaign against the illegal breeding and sale of pets. This comes against the backdrop of two consecutive rescues of dogs and puppies from two illegal breeders, in Chenthitta, who claimed to be affiliated to the Kerala Kennel Club. FIAPO has registered a case against Sarath — one of the two — with Thampanoor police station.


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After two rescues, illegal pet breeders in city under scanner