Dear Sir,
Out of the 20 CWG dogs received at the SPCA Noida from I.G. Stadium and Pragati Maidan, Delhi, in MCD vans prior to commencement of the Games, 17 were relocated to their original locations on the 15th of October, 2010.
Out of the 20 dogs that were received, 7 were already sterilized. 2 pups were among those received, but minus their mother. One female that was received was pregnant. We sterilized 8 more, and therefore, out of the 20 received, 15 sterilized dogs have been/will be returned back to their locations.
Out of the 2 pups, one has been returned back because he seemed up and about. One pup was adopted by a Noida resident who is known to our staff. Needless to state, neither were sterilized by us. The pregnant female was not sterilized either ; and neither were 2 more females that seemed to our animal welfare incharge to be rather weak.  
Out of the dogs that were sterilized, 2 are yet with us since they are recuperating after their operations.
A MCD van reached the SPCA Noida hospital cum shelter at Sector 94, Noida, on the 15th of October, 2010, a little before noon, to pick up the dogs that had been entrusted to our care. We decided to send our ambulance as well, to Delhi, with the MCD van. The 2 together ferried 17 dogs to Delhi.
Mr. Vineet Arora, Animal Welfare Officer appointed by the AWBI (and employed at SPCA Noida) accompanied our ambulance to oversee return to the original locations.
The same was successfully accomplished. The only resistance that  was encountered not from the MCD staff (contrary to popular perception), but from the guards at Pragati Maidan, and especially at I.G. Stadium.
I personally interacted with Dr. Alok Agarwal, and found him to be a sensitive and conscientious officer. He expressed more than once, the desire that animal welfare volunteers and activists work as much with the MCD as they do with the NGOs, to ensure that the animal birth control programme being pursued at Delhi is a complete success.
Attached herewith are photographs of 6 Pragati Maidan dogs. Vide other mails, I am sending photographs of the other dogs as well.
Anjali Sharma
For SPCA Noida

snowy the dog is lost from cr park

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