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I know I havent been online for a long time. Thats coz I am trying to earn money to keep the website running hehe. Today I found a very injured cat . The cat had its ear torn , tail was long gone and one leg was completely ripped and twisted . No idea how it happened but however it did and the cat was in big trouble.
I called  circle of animal lovers and they came and picked up the cat. They have helped me before couple of times and this time too they didnt fail me.

I am pasting their phone numbers here incase some1 needs help or wants to help.

011 26531419, 011 26511569

I am also uploading two images of the cat but I apologise my cell camera pretty much sucks .

Take care All


Injured cat 2

injured cat

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The only thing one should ever test on an animal ---- T SHIRTS Tongue out

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Firstly lets start with Birds. According to TOI there is a peahen that has laid eggs at IIC in New Delhi and the staff are trying their best not to spook the bird so that she lays her eggs peacefully. Good news I would say considering how the numbers have dwindled. I remember as a kid standing on my verandah and watching cute sparrows chatter away in their oblivios happy states. I used to see them and mentally mark some as the father birds some as the mother birds and the kid ones were quite obvious. Now I cant see a single sparrow. We wiped them all out with our industrialisation and concrete jungles. The pollution and apathy of humans just rape the planet raw but lets not focus on the negative for once.


Another good news. An animal right NGO has filed a case against a private owner of a pet. The pet was in a terrible condition and according to the IPC the owner has been warned to either take care of the pet ASAP or hand the dog over to them. The dog was tied to such a short leash in the heat outside the house that it could hardly even sit properly in days or change its position. The dog had scars and wounds everywhere. Not getting biased I hope the owner goes to jail.