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I have no respect for South India, as South India has no respect for animals. Every month I get information on how Kerela, Karnataka and even Tamil Nadu is on a mass witch hunt against dogs. It is sad and pathetic to even think about it but whats entirely worse is that its the public administration which does all this, against supreme court orders.

They have ABSOLUTELY NO respect for supreme court orders, when they are informed that what they are doing is absolutely immoral and ILLEGAL. Their answer to it is that no supreme court can tell them what is good for them and they will do as they please. That is not only stupid but highly unpatriotic and illegal. They have no respect for the laws of India and they call them selves Indians.

What is good for you is to grow a brain and soul and actually do some proper work like taking part in ABC which will control dog population in the most humane manner rather than a dumb witted witch hunt.On another occasion there was an online debate raging on whether Karnataka should again kill scores of dogs the way they were doing in the past and I was aghast to see innumerable number of south Indians from Bangalore and other such cities posting comments like "yes kill them all" and "send them all to Korea and Taiwan to be eaten". Does your apathy know no bounds?

I am not sure why south Indians dont like animals but I hope they understand logic, ABC is the only proper way of controlling dog population which has been proved by scientific methods. 
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Dear friends,
This quotation is so great and true to be followed : Very Important Quote from MAHABHARATA
The meat of animals is like the flesh of one's own son, and the foolish
person who eats meat must be considered the vilest of human beings. -

Mahabharata [Anu. 114.11],
Bhishma explains to Yudhishtira, eldest of
the Pandava princes.
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
 Swarden <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Dear friends of Lisa,

My name is Scott, and I’m Lisa Warden’s brother. As most of you know, Lisa has been living in India for the past two years where her husband works. During this time Lisa has been working with street dogs, largely engaged in promoting spay-neuter and anti-rabies vaccination. In the course of her work, she has come across some pretty awful things, one example being how some municipalities treat street dogs (seehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXdqO8Dd6kU and http://vimeo.com/11261417.)

Unfortunately, Lisa is being viciously targeted by a despotic, rogue municipal authority in Ahmedabad, India. She inadvertently crossed them by exposing their illegal and unconscionable cruelty to the city's street dogs. As a result of challenging the municipality's barbarism, Lisa has been charged with extortion, theft, misleading the public, obstructing public servants and has been slapped with a US $2 million defamation suit. The same municipal authority is trying to get her India visa revoked. She faces ten years' rigorous imprisonment if convicted. (Perhaps they would extend her visa in that case!)

Lisa has a legal team and will fight the charges but it will be a long battle. She has just left India temporarily for a stint in Vietnam. Her attorneys have advised her against public comment, which is why you’re getting this email from me. It would be of great help to her, and especially to the dogs of Ahmedabad, if you would sign the following online petition, created by a group of supporters. Please add your comments in the space provided, and please also forward it to everyone you think might be interested. Many thanks for your support. Let's come together to oppose this unconscionable situation.

To sign the petition, please go to http://www.petitiononline.com/dogtruth/petition.html

If you are on facebook, you may also join the group “In support of Lisa Warden”, where periodic updates will be posted. Thanks for your support.

(Please disregard this message if you have already signed and/or forwarded the petition.)


Best regards,

Scott Warden