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watch this video


Lucknow Municipal corporation has unleashed horrors against street dogs. This video is nothing, but just a sample. LMC are breaking fore limbs of dogs with iron rods to catch them easily and then kill themor throw them out of city.

As I write AWBI is in the process of taking action against the corporation (email below). But we all need to call up and write to the municipal commissioner asking him to abide by the law of the land and stop this at once. There is another email with an image attached in the end which describes the horrors.

Please call up the commissioner and persuade him to stop this. His number is given later in the email to AWBI.


which doesnt have any email id




Dear Gen Kharb and Anjali,
I have received the following email from Lucknow which talks of the brutality that the Lucknow Minicipal Corporation has unleashed upon the dogs. The LMC has hired dog catchers who are throwing iron rods to first break the fore limbs of the dogs so it becomes easier to catch them. Then the dogs are bundled up and thrown outside the city or killed. This has been happening and people have been protesting but have been falling on deaf ears. The brutality is emmense.
One such image is attached for your reference.
I will try to arrange more such evidence, but would be greatful if you may kindly issue immediate communications to the concerned people there to stop this brutality at once.
I have found the following details of the LMC in case they come in handy provided they are authentic and updated :

Municipal Commissioner,
Lucknow Municipal Corporation,
(Lucknow Nagar Nigam)
Mob No 09415402291 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              09415402291      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Thanking you and in appreciation of the great work that you are doing.
Rishi Dev

---------- Forwarded message ----------

In this connection this is to bring to your kind notice the extreme cruelty being meted out to stray animals by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC).

A bite case was reported in the newspapers on 26.08.2010. The print media frequently picked up and relentlessly reported on it. Thereafter LMC were on a drive wherein hundreds of innocent strays have been picked up and thrown out of the city. The catching is done with utmost cruelty, the animal’s leg is hit with an iron road and the leg is broken. This is done so that catching becomes easy with the animal is hobbling around and unable to run. (Video clip enclosed).

Also enclosed are other reported cases of cruelty. (Paper cutting enclosed)

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We need some volunteers to visit the following shelter in Delhi from time to time and comfort the animals. There are stories that this has become a dumping ground for dogs by people who dont want their pet anymore. Started by Ms. Crystal Rogers, the Animal Friend Hospital was a peaceful place for animal lovers and animals alike. Now with Ms. Rogers' passing away, there are stories of mistreatment and abuse from the very walls.

Animal Friend Hospital
Bahamasha Road
Opposite Police Line Ground
Delhi - 110009

Landline: 011-27252838

If any of you are interested in becoming regular visitors to the shelter and comfort and care for the animals, please get in touch with us. Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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definite read...how brainless can people be?

Pasting the story here but all the data belongs to care2..the link is pasted above!

Here’s a breaking story that will make you scratch your head in wonder. An animal advocate in Los Angeles was arrested on Thursday after trying to rescue two dogs that were locked inside a foreclosed home because Animal Services was worried about getting sued.


Neighbors said that when the owners of the home left, they took all of their belongings except their two dogs.  A six-month old puppy was locked inside the house and another dog named Taz was left inside the garage. 


Next door neighbor Elisa Woods became concerned for the well-being of the dogs when the temperature “got hotter” and “they were getting hungrier,” so she called for help.


L.A. Animal Services responded to her call and came with food and water, which they shoved through an open window in the house and slipped under a 2 inch opening in the garage. But the officers “didn’t enter the home.”


According to NBC news, the city is required to give a written warning to the owners before entering the home or removing the dogs.  The owners have 24 hours to fix the problem.


Animal Services Officer Hoang Dinh said, “Possibility the people could come back and then they could turn this around and sue the city.”


Their actions, or lack or action “wasn’t good enough for animal rescuer Hans Petersen" who is with LA Animal Rescue Org. 


He went inside the house and a few minutes later walked out with the puppy. 


But before he could help Taz, LAPD arrived on the scene and arrested Petersen for “interfering with Animal Services as they conduct their duties.”


The puppy was taken to the South L.A. Animal Shelter, but Taz was left behind in the garage.


There is no word about how long the dogs had been abandoned or if their owners had left them with any food or water. 


Updates to this story will be posted as details are uncovered.  Click Here to watch the rescue which was caught on tape.


What do you think about leaving abandoned dogs for 24 hours before taking them to safety?