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Hello friends,
Thanku for all your support. Our faithful friends are in a difficult situation and need ur support.
 I live in Geeta Colony, very close to COMMON WEALTH GAMES village. Close to the main pushta road, is a slum cluster and few dogs live there. Govt. will remove all the jhuggies and rikshaw pullers for the beautification . Rikshaw pullers have already started moving.
 Around 40 dogs live there. Two have stable distemper, which is absolutely safe but if any NGO or MCD will pick, they will b euthanized immediately. One of them is pregnant in advance stage and recently has gone thru the trauma of being burnt. Some egg wala has thrown boiled water on her. I have done the treatment and the wounds hv healed.
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Unbelievably disgusting and this is the kind of armed forces the world raises . What do you expect them to do? Rape, pillage , murder and thats exactly what they will do.I dont expect much from a country like Bolivia anyways.

please would you let it go around. It is a protest against the bolivian armee who is using livings dogs, which are tied up on their legs between two  wooden poles and then used for shooting practises. This is really unbelievable.
Thank you


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This article is from the TIMES OF INDIA and they own all rights to it. 


‘Can’t let the dogs out’ Residents of Bhyraveshwara Layout are living in fear after miscreants poisoned around 50 dogs, including five pets, in their locality in past week Ashoka.MK @timesgroup.com

Shruthi S, an engineering student of Atria Institute of Technology, has been having sleepless nights since last week. She fears miscreants who had killed around 50 dogs, including five pets, in the area might kill her two dogs too. “Except for the pets in some houses, there are no other dogs in our area now,” she said.

Shruthi is not alone. Hundreds of residents of Bhyraveshwara layout under Hennur police limits are worried about the safety of their dogs. On Wednesday itself, seven dogs, including a pet, were found poisoned in the area.