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India: Stop Elephant Slaughter


I've just signed an urgent petition calling on the Railway Minister to take urgent action to protect elephants after seven  helpless animals were killed by a goods train this week. I thought you would want to join me. Ministers will meet next week to discuss concrete safety measures -- If enough of us come together now, our outcry to save them will be too loud to ignore.

You can read more below and sign the petition here:


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 Update : Seems they have finally filed a case against the idiotic driver Subhankar Sarkar.


The worst elephant related trajedy that took place few days back has really made most people feel terrible. I personally feel if I could get my hands on the engine driver, I really dont know what I would have done to him and now I read that the ministry for environment and forest and Railway ministry are having a fight about this rather than ensuring safety.

It is very obvious that the engine driver was either blind, drunk or both. He should not only be prosecuted with the fullest extent of law and charged with the highest degree of prevention of cruelty to animals, he really should not be allowed to hold another govt. service job in the future.

Here is a TOI link of the whole thing.



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