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Do domesticated horses, licenced to be used for the purpose of joy rides to children on the Ridge in Shimla have a right to shelter during rain and snow?

A division bench of Himachal Pradesh High Court has answered the question in positive, while emphasising that, “Life, in the context of animals, does not mean mere survival or existence or instrumental value for human beings, but also some intrinsic worth, honour and dignity”.

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The usual story of animal lovers and caretakers being threatened, harassed and abused. A police complaint has been filed with the help of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, however, no action has been taken yet. Will keep everyone updated about the situation.



Kanakia Police Station

Mumbai, Maharashtra 401107

Phone : 022 28126767




Dear Sir,




I , RDG resident of Phase-1 have been publically abused threatened and am scared for my life. As you are aware a complaint was filed by me in your police station in the month of May,31st, 2017 against certain individuals regarding harassment and attempt to hit me with a brick because I stopped that person from hitting an innocent animal.When people from my building came to my rescue it turned into a fight.And as a revenge the man ,who attempted to hit me, came back with some goons and badly beat up the owner of Snow White Laundry shop who stood up against the goons. Thus, I had to take the owner of Snow White Laundry to the Police station and hospital as I was very scared for my safety as well as that man’s safety.In aforementioned complaint no action was taken by your police station.


After an uneasy calm of 6 months on 26th December, I was walking my pet dog "Chloe" on the road just outside my apartment complex at around 8:30 am.

My dog Chloe got off the leash by mistake and ran into the compound of Gaurav Residency Society, A - wing, which happens to be just opposite my society complex .

Within few seconds I ran after her , got her back on the leash and walked out of the apartment complex of the society. The guard of Gaurav Residency Society, XXX wing came running after me and told me that I am not supposed to walk my dog in the society , to which I agreed and explained the whole situation . Within few seconds few individuals including Mr. D xxxx Gaurav Residency, Phase-1 had gathered around me with other men and told me in a very abusive manner, that I am not allowed to enter their campus or be anywhere near their compound with or without my dog and asked the guard to break my bones especially my legs if I was ever seen anywhere near their building complex. I was shocked, scared and reduced to tears.

Since in a few days i.e. 31st December, 2017  I was going to New Delhi to meet my family for the new year , I could not file a written complaint with your police station because of time constraint. I forgot all about the instance, thinking that things are now fine and will blow over, once I returned.

However on 22nd January, 2018 right after I came back from Delhi, I was again walking my pet dog "Chloe" on the road just outside my apartment complex .Incidentally I decided to take my dog for walks late to avoid any kind of contact with certain individuals around my locality from whom I have been receiving constant harassment; threats and taunts.

At around 11:30 PM when I saw Mr. VC resident and secretary ,XX Gaurav Residency, Phase-1, kicking and hurting community dogs at a garbage dump (created by Basant Panchami Jagran pandal organized by their society). I intervened and asked these individuals, not to beat the harmless dogs who were just eating from the garbage dump and causing no harm to them or their property.

Mr.VC and his friend started screaming at me and abusing me in very filthy abusive language and started saying extremely demeaning things. They said things like “no decent girl walks outside at 11:30PM ” and “this is not your road or your time to walk your dog”. They even went on to say things like “you are characterless” and “take all your dogs/strays into your bedroom”. Further on they threatened to send “men to my flat to take care of me as they seem to know every detail about me, where I live, what I do and where I go.”

I am scared that I am being monitored and followed. They also constantly kept referring to the 1st incident where the man had attempted to hit me with a brick, for no rhyme or reason. In the whole incidence I kept my calm and dignity and kept requesting the individuals to talk properly but they did not listen. They kept escalating their abuses and then threatened to hurt me and my dog by using any means possible. They also said they will harm all the community dogs.

At this point I started dialing 100 but couldn’t connect and the individuals told me to call any police I wanted and It would not matter as he knows all the local police and they won't take any action.

I got very scared and felt threatened for my life and came back home.

Due to their threats and stress ,  I fell sick and stayed indoors for last few days fearing for my safety but with the help of friends and family I decided to file this complaint.

Dear sir , I request you to urgently take action on this and ensure my safety and safety of my pet.


Thanking You

Yours FaithFully




Phase-1, Beverly Park,

Kanakia, Mira Bhayander Road,

Mira Road ( East), District Thane,


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Special Interactive  Public Session on 
The Rights of Nonhuman Species (9th Feb, JNU)
as part of the 
National Capacity Building Workshop
5-18 February
You are invited to 
a discussion on the rights of nonhuman species whose mass annihilation during disasters such as fire, floods, earthquakes, landslides and hurricanes etc. Whatever happened in Kaziranga and whatever keeps happenning in the recurrent floods in Bihar in known to all.......................
There is no reason to ask, what justifies the need for this policy since nonhuman species share this earth with the stronger species 'human' as their intrinsic right.There is no exaggerated emotion to be discussing this theme as a core policy area for the government.
However, several hurdles have to be crossed in this debate, such as  human intransigence, greed, tenaciousness, ignorance and insensitivity. Large human communities are interdependent upon nonhuman species for livelihood, for employment and for emotional needs. Many Asian religions treat them at par with  human beings. Then why this absence of a holistic policy for protecting them in disaster studies ?





Disaster Management Act 2005







( IPS, Former Member NDMA)
 & World Animal Rescue


Programme: 10:00AM -1:15PM 
Venue: Old CRS Building Mini Audi (entrance from Aruan Asaf Ali Marg Gate opposite Vastu Kala Academy.


 Amita Singh
Centre for the Study of Law and Governance (CSLG)
Chairperson SPECIAL CENTRE FOR DISASTER RESEARCH (Old CRS Building, Damodar Hostel Gate)
Member Secretary Institutional Ethics Review Board.
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Nelson Mandela Marg
New Delhi 110067
Office: 91+11+26704021, 26704761
Mob: 09910170904
Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes on Public Administration and Governance
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.