Resident Welfare Associations spreading fake news saying that dogs and cats can cause COVID is a violation of the Disaster Management Act 2005. Strict action will be taken against such misinformation by the Government of India.
From: "Smt. Maneka Gandhi" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 12 April 2020 at 1:21:13 PM IST
Subject: Re:  Fake rumours
Please put this on the facebook for the community immediately
Under The Fake New Act and the Disaster Management Act , it is illegal to spread Fake News. It has been proven conclusively that animals do not get or give Corona virus. Therefore this is deliberate fake news put with malicious intent. The arrest is non bailable and the punishment is more than a year in jail. I will send you the Acts. I will complain about XXXXXXXXXXX to the Principal Director General PIB who is in charge of taking action on this Act . His name is Kuldeep Singh Datwalia and his email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Under Section 428 / 429 anyone propagating violence against animals and committing violence will be arrested under a non baliable warrant and the pun ishment is 3 years in jail. Anyone on the facebook propagating stone throwing will be forwarded to the police station for immediate action. This facebook is being monitored so if these posts are not off it in an hour action will be taken

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Chairperson People for Animals
14 Ashoka Road
New Delhi 110001

One must definitely give applause to Mr Prakash Javadekar for his hard work as commerce and industry minister. While India is suffering immensely due to the coronavirus pandemic, he is ensuring that our industries and commerce return to its stable state as soon as is a tweet from his respected self as proof. 




........but wait a minute, I know I have been called stupid by intelligent animal haters, politicians, meat-eaters etc so many times and I don't want to deny their birthright in feeling that they are taller by standing on my shoulders but isn't Mr Javedkar our Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change? Then I wonder, what is he doing about the lakhs of thirsty, hungry stray and community animals roaming around towns and cities because all markets and shops are now closed?

Well, people, your guess is as good as mine...but let's not ask too many questions because now the govt has given itself the unchecked power to shut anyone down and arrest them in the name of controlling false news.

How dare you question the govt???? Off with his head.