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Dear Animal Lover

We are living in times when dogs are burnt alive; monkeys are starved & rendered homeless due to rampant deforestation, cows & bulls are stuffed in trucks, their limbs broken, chillies inserted in their eyes & they illegally transported for miles without food & water, camels butchered in open fields in the cruelest manner...The pain and suffering of these voiceless beings fall on deaf ears and meet complete administrative apathy.

However, all is not lost yet. Hope still persists in the form of animal activists and NGOs that are working day and night, staking their lives and sacrificing their comforts to save and protect these animals, out of compassion and a sense of responsibility, to save Creation.

We at Dhyan Foundation

  • take care of more than 10000 animals daily through countrywide network of 35 plus animal shelters and feeding points
  • have rescued lakhs of animals in the last 8 years of operation as animal welfare organisation
  • have sterilised and vaccinated over 6000 stray dogs and built over 200 dog houses for strays
  • have saved lakhs of cattle through emergency relief programs at Kollegal (Karnataka, 2017), Mahoba (Uttar Pradesh, 2017), Latur (Maharashtra, 2016), Dausa (Rajasthan, 2016 & 2017), Hingonia (Rajasthan, 2016)
  • run free animal welfare workshops and programs in schools and colleges in 10 plus cities
  • are fighting legal battles in the courts for rights of animals
  • produce and promote gau-products hand-made from cattle wastes to make our gaushalas sustainable


Help us save many more lives... DONATEADOPT. SPONSOR.


Dhyan Foundation owned shelters

  • 271 cattle @ Chaitra Gaushala, Mandya, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5Lac/month)
  • 220 cattle @ Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5 Lac/month)
  • 26 cattle @ Delhi Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.40K/month)
  • 550 cattle @ Sahyog Gaushala Challur, Telangana (Expense incurred, Rs.5.7 Lac/month)
  • 11 cattle @ Chennai Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.16-17K/month)
  • 134 cattle @ Gorakhpur Gaushala (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5 Lac/month
  • 10 camels @ Barodiya Gaushala, Rajasthan (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)



Dhyan Foundation independently manages

  • 310 cattle + 11 dogs @ Quittol Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.6.2Lac/month)
  • 115 cattle @ Zamaulim Temple Gaushala, Goa (Expense incurred, Rs.2.3Lac/month)
  • 570 cattle @ Gubbi Gaushala, Tumkur, Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.8Lac/month)
  • 228 cattle @ Anand Gaushala, Kolkata (Expense incurred, Rs.2.50 Lac/month)
  • 350 cattle @ Dharbhanga Gaushala, Bihar (Expense incurred, Rs.2 Lac/month)
  • 220 cattle @ Village Chauka Gaushala, Mahoba, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.1.5Lac/month)
  • 202 cattle @ Macchiwara Gaushala, Ludhiana, Punjab (Expense incurred Rs.3 Lac/month)
  • 208 cattle @ Fategarh Sahib, Punjab (Expense incurred Rs.1.2 Lac/month)
  • 25 cattle @ Kapila Gaushala, Kochi (Expense incurred, Rs.60 K/month



Dhyan Foundation supports

  • 28 cattle @ Shri Krishna Gaushala, Ghazipur, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.26K/month)
  • 150 cattle @ Gau Seva Samiti, Patiala (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month)
  • 105 cattle @ Navjyoti Gaushala, Chattisgarh (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month)
  • 36 cattle @ Kapila Gaushala, Charavatoor, Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)
  • 40 cattle @ Sitapur Gaushala, UP (Expense incurred, Rs.25K/month)
  • 220 dogs @ Shelter for Rescued Dogs, Gurgaon (Expense incurred, Rs.1 Lac/month



Dhyan Foundation feeds

  • 150 stray cattle in Ludhiana (Expense incurred, Rs.30K/month)
  • 700 stray dogs @ 107 FAD points in Delhi (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5L/month)
  • 21 stray dogs @ 2 FAD points in Kerala (Expense incurred, Rs.8K/month)
  • 6 stray dogs @ 3 FAD points in Tamil Nadu (Expense incurred, Rs.3K/month)
  • 164 stray dogs @ 37 FAD points in Maharashtra (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month)
  • 192 stray dogs @ 27 FAD points in Punjab (Expense incurred, Rs.65K/month)
  • 41 stray dogs @ 9 FAD points in Andhra Pradesh (Expense incurred, Rs.15K/month)
  • 28 stray dogs @ 7 FAD points in Karnataka (Expense incurred, Rs.10K/month)
  • 110 stray dogs @ FAD points in Kolkata (Expense Incurred 24k/monthly)
  • 15 stray dogs @ Gorakhpur (Expense incurred, Rs.3K/month)



Dhyan Foundation ABC Centre @Lucknow, UP (Expense incurred Rs. 1.5 Lac/Month)



Dhyan Foundation provides for

  • 400 monkeys daily @ Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh (Expense incurred, Rs.60K/month)
  • 200 monkeys daily @ Manger Village, Delhi (Expense incurred, Rs.50K/month)
  • 100 monkeys daily @ Jhaku Temple, Simla (Expense incurred, Rs.20K/month)
  • 100 monkeys thrice weekly@ Shiv Temple, Kesaragutta, Hyderabad (Expense incurred, Rs.6K/month)
  • 40 monkeys weekly @ Alpiri forests, Tirupati (Expense incurred, Rs.2K/month)
  • 30 monkeys twice weekly @ Chamundi Hills, Mysore (Expense incurred, Rs.2.5K/month)
  • 20 monkeys five times weekly @Ghaziabad ,U.P (1.5k/month)



Dhyan Foundation saved

  • 61 camels @ Malda, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.3L)
  • 61 camels @ Kishanganj, Bihar (Expense Incurred of transport, Rs.3.5L)
  • 30 camels @ Islampur, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.2.75L)
  • 16 camels @ Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.26K)
  • 15 camels @ Barmer, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.35K)
  • 15 camels @ Barmer, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.30K)
  • 5 camels @ Raiganj, West Bengal (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.50K)
  • 30 camels @ Hanumangarh, Rajasthan (Expense incurred for transport, Rs.30K)
  • 9 camels @ Coochbehar, West Bengal (Expense Incurred 1.25 L)
  • 13 camels @ Islampur,West Bengal (Expense Incurred 1.5 L)
  • 2 camels @ Itahar ,West Bengal (Expense Incurred 50k)




Dhyan Foundation (Within India in Indian rupees):

  • Account #00921000102439,
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000092,
  • HDFC Bank, GK 1, New Delhi
** All donations made to Dhyan Foundation are exempted from Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961



Dhyan Foundation (ONLY from outside India Or for currency other than Indian Rupees):

  • Account #00921170000063,
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000092,
  • HDFC Bank, GK 1, New Delhi
  • Swift Code: HDFCINBBDEL
** Dhyan Foundation is registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)



For more information, 09810310987

Email us transfer details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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I would like to introduce my friends great animal shelter which he runs on his own only with help of some private citizens. He looks after 200 dogs, 18 cows and some cats.



Please have a look at our requirements. Since we have no govt funding we are dependent on friends and well-wishers who support our work. Please come forward and help us.

  • 1) Rice ( Monthly 5000 Kgs)
  • 2) Medicines ( medicine 1,2,3,4)
  • 3) Bandages (Monthly 100)
  • 4) Dog Food (Monthly 50 Kg)
  • 5) Mattresses (Monthly 10)
  • 6) Fodder Supply

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8 JAN 2018 — Dear Animal Lovers..
There was a time when India was synonymous to benevolence, where animals, birds, forests and trees were worshiped. Today in the same country India, voiceless creatures are being tortured terribly and destruction of natural resources is rampant. Somewhere dogs are being burnt and their burnt bodies are hung up on rods to be displayed abusively throughout the city and elsewhere tails of cow and bulls are broken deliberately, tobacco or chili pepper is rubbed into their eyes and they are loaded mercilessly in trucks for trafficking.Peacocks are being killed brutally for their meat, bullets are being fired on monkeys and camels are butchered openly....
Between all this inhumane treatment of animals there is a ray of hope in the form of animal activists and ngos who are working day and night putting their lives in risk for these speechless beings, out of compassion and their sense of responsibility to save creation.
Dhyan Foundation is one of such rare organizations which is giving shelter,food,medicine etc to 8000 plus such animals through more than 30 gaushalas,dog shelter and many feeding points for dogs/monkeys across the country.
90% of the animals sheltering in Dhyan Foundation Gaushalas are rescued by animal activists from meat mafia/cattle smugglers and rest 10% injured in road accidents or abandoned by their owners for no more being of any use to them.
We really feel contented taking care of these creation’s gift to mankind.But no monetory help from govt making us strive hard against this evil.
Kindly help us feeding these innocent beings.