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The society has lost its humanity It is completely Inhumane! Mother dog sobs as puppies beheaded by drunkards in Hyderabad's Hussaini Alam area on 6th August 2018. It is shameful to see what degree humans can slide down to when these kinds of incidents come to light. These kinds of crimes rather become just a file in the shelves of the Police records. Instead, it's our moral duty to make sure these animals live safely among the streets. These kind of crimes are truly heartbreaking and pathetic to see what humans have become these days. It's time to change for all of us and make sure that whoever had committed this heinous act gets the punishment and is behind the bars.

Everyone, please help me out in supporting this petition and as soon as we hit a certain target, we will make sure that justice is served to the mother whose kid's life was stolen by some monsters.

(Above the link is shared for the proof ).

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NGT Refuses To Review Its 2016 Order To Demolish NRL Wall Erected In Elephant Corridor Near Kaziranga Nat’l Park...

The wall in question segregates the township from the rest of the forest area and has claimed lives of 12 elephants as they moved along this corridor for food. It encroaches upon the Deopahar Proposed Reserve Forest as well as the No-Development Zone...

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Many great men and women have said the same thing, to not do anything against cruelty and evil is the same as being a part of that evil