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After almost a week the two female dogs Bhoori and Laali were found by Anitaji and her friends. After lodging a complaint with the SHO Indirapuram police station. Anita also sent an email to the SSP ( Senior Superintendent of Police) and thank God she did it because immediate action was taken by the police. The police threatened the two culprits involved in getting the dogs relocated with legal action if the dogs were not found and brought back to their original location. 

Without losing any time Anita took the two men to the location where they had dropped the two dogs.

The two men had first beaten the two dogs and then very mercilessly stuffed them inside a sack, put them into a car and then dropped them at an unknown location which is almost 7 kilometre from Vasundhara so that the dogs could never reach back home.

What can be more barbaric and cruel than this act?

Anyhow Anita went continuously for the last three days at the location told by the two monstrous people and today she got success. The two dogs Bhoori and Laali were found in an isolated construction site. 

They howled, cried and jumped with joy to see their caregivers. 

Just like a kid, they were trying to tell their parent how much they have suffered and now how happy they are to meet them. They were complaining and at the same time, they were uniting with their caregivers.

Who says animals cannot talk?

See the video and judge for yourself

It was sheer will power, strong determination and selfless love of Anita which has got the two dogs back home. And of course the Ghaziabad police action is also laudable. It was the fear of police which ultimately helped the dogs reunite with their caregivers. Better late than neve