A 40-year-old man was found sexually abusing a female dog. The feeders of the dog found this man indulging in this most heinous crime and thereafter reported it to an animal rights activist Aditi Nair. Aditi went to report this incident to the police station but the police was reluctant to register the case. Aditi then approached the police Commissioner of Thane, Maharashtra Vivek Phansalkar and he was quick to take action. He immediately asked the local police to register the case. The culprit has been arrested and the investigation is going on. 

Wish all police commissioners of India were like Vivek Phansalkar. There is an urgent need to apprise every policeman of India about animal laws. The problem is that at local level the police of India doesn't take animal cruelty or animal.abuse seriously. They are always hesitant to register case and many times they side with the culprits and the lawbreakers. Had Aditi Nair not approached the Commissioner then probably the culprit would have still be roaming around freely to make some other unfortunate female dog his victim. And who knows how many dogs have already suffered in silence his brutal sexual attacks. 

If such men are not put behind bars and punished then tomorrow they will certainly make humans their victim. Especially young girls and women. 

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Around three days back a dog was brutally killed by a man with political links. He is the son of a politician of the ruling party in the state. This sad incident took place in Porbandar, Gujarat. For the details of the case kindly go on the link below:


Well , being the son of a politician makes his chances of being arrested quite bleak. Let's see if justice is delivered in Porbandar which also happens to be the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi.........

This is just so shameful. 

I will leave you with a video to watch and see for yourself how much man-man conflict has risen in India and the reason for their conflict is the man's best friend.


Can anyone believe that there is a law for dogs in India which prohibits people from killing them and  relocating them??????