A country which gave birth to Buddha, Mahavir, Gandhi, Vivekananda, Sai Baba etc who all just preached love, peace AND animal rights today cares nothing about animal rights. How far have we fallen? I directly blame our politicians for this and this current govt more. Why? Because bad people will always exist in every society, to make an example of them is the job of the law (police, judiciary etc) who are governed by the politicians.

The laws at the moment are so weak and in favour of the criminals, it's disgraceful and the politicians have no will to change it. It's time we show the world what really the condition of our law and order is and what animals in India go through every day. How disgusting Indians have become, full of apathy and no fear of the police because police don't care to take action against culprits who break the law. 

Below, I am just showing a few cases in the last few days which have been reported.. Imagine what happens countrywide every day with an apathetic police force and society that goes unreported. India today stands at a precipice of becoming a shameless lawless third world country or rising to be better. Which will it be?