Almost 9 months now since this petition but neither the Delhi Govt seems to be bothered nor the Municipal corporation of Delhi. 

Post lockdown the MCD has now resumed it's sterilization services. Just a few days back a caregiver from Krishna Nagar, East Delhi was going crazy for her dog because someone had picked it up. As usual, the MCD van had come and without informing anybody picked up the dog and vanished. The caregiver when she came to know of it felt miserable.  She called up every place she knew right from Gazipur, Friendicoes to Usmanpur ABC unit. But none had picked up her dog.. She had lost all hopes when suddenly after a couple of days the dog was dropped back. She was overjoyed to see the dog and I am sure the dog must have been more than happy to see her. But the big question is why doesn't the MCD mends it's ways?

Why doesn't it rope in the caregivers in the process of sterilization as it will be so much easier to identify the unsterilized dogs and getting them picked and the chances of wrong drop post sterilization will also become negligible.

Why doesn't it sensitize people especially the RWAs about the ABC programme?

Why does it not inform the people of Delhi about the ABC units with their contact details operational in their area? 

Why don't the vans which come to pick up and drop the dogs in residential areas inform the RWA or the caregivers about the dogs being picked and dropped in their locality?

Why this silence about the ABC programme by the MCD?

What stops them to sensitize people and take the help of the caregivers? 

Anyway in another incident, a caregiver has reported that the MCD sterilization unit in sector 27, Rohini, North Delhi has still not mended its faulty ways. 

Probably the commissioner's office received a complaint this time too from the dog haters and so in a rush, the MCD went to catch the dogs and they picked up 4 dogs out of which two were barely five-month-old puppies. Not that small pups cannot be sterilized but the stray puppies in India are physically not fit enough to be operated. All the NGOs who run the ABC units prefer to get them operated once they are at least  6 to 7 months old. 

This centre not only operated small pups but did it in the most shabby manner.

The problem is that for the MCD, dogs are not a life to be cherished and loved but a burden on the society for which they have been entrusted to minimize their population. It just doesn't matter to them whether the dog dies or gets relocated post sterilization because for them the dog is just a number. They report the total number sterilized to their bosses. But how many of them died due to faulty operation or infection or how many got killed due to dog fights and maggot wounds just because they were dropped back at a wrong location is never mentioned in their report. 

Just what kind of legal custodian is the MCD?

Does it care about the welfare of the dogs?

Do they deserve to be the custodians,?

For full details of the Rohini case kindly go on the link below: