What has happened to Indians? The land of Buddha and Mahavira has turned into a land of bloodshed that too of the voiceless who cannot speak for themselves nor defend themselves. 

People were just trying to come out of the shock of a pregnant elephant in Kerala being fed firebombs and today they have come to know that a pregnant cow was fed firecrackers which exploded in her mouth.  This unimaginable and ghastly incident has taken place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. To watch the video of the unfortunate cow kindly go on the link below:


The owner and the culprit are the residents of Bilaspur Village in the state of Himachal Pradesh. And the culprit who did this monstrous act had no regrets. Forget about regret the culprit had no fear of law either. He told the owner that he and the govt can take no action against him.

This is the kind of fear of law people have in India who commit a crime against animals. 

But the silver lining is that the man has got arrested and the cow has delivered a calf and it seems that she will recover and will be able to eat with her mouth one day. Kindly go on the following link to read about her miraculous recovery:


The link is given above of the video has been taken from the journalist Arnab Goswami's Facebook page. He runs the Republic channel which is watched by millions of people both in India and abroad.

Almost all the television channels, radio and print media covered both the news. Cruelty against the pregnant elephant and the pregnant cow and the results are right in front of us.  Today morning the incident got reported and by evening the man is behind bars. This is the power of media.

The only good thing that has come out in the two tragic incidents is that the media in India has started speaking for justice for these voiceless souls. But it has started quite late and we hope it doesn't stop here.

Human cruelty isn't confined to elephant and cows just few days back acid was thrown on the back of a bull (pic in the post). The skin of the bull is all burnt. kindly go on the following link to read about the tragic incident:


Every animal life is important especially if law of the land prohibits their killing. Dogs cannot be killed. Any form of cruelty towards them is an offence but in spite of that every day a dog is killed in the cruellest fashion. And unfortunately, the media doesn't consider this news. If only they had demanded justice for dogs who are murdered in broad daylight then probably we could have saved the elephant, the cow and the bull from experiencing such cruelty.  

What our law enforcement agencies do not understand is that there is nothing like big crime or small crime. 

People who have brought so much of misery and pain to the pregnant elephant and the pregnant cow and the bull must have definitely tortured a dog or a cat in their childhood. If they were stopped then and there, then probably such incidents could have been avoided.  

The elephant is the state animal of Kerala and cow is considered the most revered animal by not only Hindus but also Sikhs and Jain in India.. She is called mother and even worshipped. 

If this is the state of cows, bulls and elephants in India then one can imagine what must be happening to dogs and cats. The bitter truth is that India is not safe for any animal. 

Yesterday on 5th June there was a report that a small pup was mercilessly killed by an advocate in Vikasnagar in Dehradun in the state of Uttrakhand. He killed a pup by beating him mercilessly with a stick and the caregiver could do nothing. The details of the monster who did this act of cruelty. It is told that the monster is an advocate. Such advocates are a curse on the judicial system of India. The bar council of India should definitely take some action against this human monster.  Kindly go on the link below and see the shameless advocate who did this barbaric act. Imagine killing a small pup who was so innocent and harmless: 


Yesterday it was the world environment day. But do we Indians understand the relevance of the day?