30 MAY 2020 — 

On 29th May 2020 a mob attacked a member of an animal welfare NGO, Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra  (AWTE) in Balakati village in Odisha. The members of AWTE including a woman had gone to a village to rescue a dog who was a victim of human cruelty. The man who had beaten the dog when questioned by the team members, he along with the other villagers started beating the crew members. To watch the video kindly go on the link below:


The victim didn't only get the support of the animal right activists but also their local media both in electronic and print. The police too gave full cooperation in lodging an FIR against the perpetrators. The DCP Anup Kumar Sahoo is personally looking into the matter. Wish all the states of India had such media and policeman.  

For a detailed report kindly go on the link below:


The dog is out of danger now and is safe. But when will all this mayhem stop? 

We can see that in India it's no longer man - dog conflict. It's become more of a man - man conflict. And if the government both at the centre and the state levels don't work out a pro dog campaign the  this mindless and man created hate and fear towards man's best freind will surely take a more ugly turn