New Delhi, India

28 MAY 2020 — 

The Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme is the only humane and legal solution to curb the stray dog population and to eradicate canine rabies from India. 

Even through the programme came into effect from the year 2002 but it's impact is almost negligible. Crores of rupees are spent every year by the municipal corporations on the ABC programme but its effectiveness and success is questionable. 

The stray dog population seems to have increased and the man dog conflict has been on a rise.

There is complete lack of awareness about the ABC programme and the dog rules especially the prevention of cruelty to animals act. The masses in India do not know about the ABC programme nor they know that killing, beating or relocating dogs is a punishable offence. Hence, majority of them indulge in relocation and killing of dogs and pups to get rid of their population. 

An unfortunate incident of a dog Bagira being beaten up mercilessly and then buried alive was reported on 25th May 2020 from Chandrapur in Maharashtra. A mad man and definitely a dog hater went at night near the temple where Bagira was sleeping. He hit the sleeping dog and then tied him up with a rope, dragged him on the road and then buried him alive. The local NGO reached the spot and dug out the carcass of the dead dog. Postmortem was performed and an FIR was lodged against the monster who does not deserve to be breathing the fresh air. Getting FIR lodged is not easy in a country like India. It was the intervention of Mrs Maneka Gandhi which helped the NGO in getting the FIR registered. Let's hope Bagira gets justice. For the detailed report kindly go on the link below:

If only proper awareness was created by the municipal corporations regarding the ABC programme and the prevention of cruelty to animals act then today the ten year old Bagira would still have been alive with us.

Anyhow the Gurugram Municipal Corporation has awakened and probably understood the importance of opening more Sterilization centres as this is the only ethical and legal solution to curb the stray dog population and to eradicate canine rabies from India. 

The Jeev Daya Social Animal Welfare Hospital in Gurugram has been given a contract by the Gurugram Municipal Corporation to run an ABC centre. They have put down this message on their Facebook page:


We are happy to announce that MCG has given us tender to spay/neuter + Anti Rabbies Vaccine for stray dogs in Gurgaon.
All animal lovers in Gurgaon can contact us and avail this service free of cost.
Our organization Jeev daya will pick , spay n keep dogs with themselves till they recovered n release them at their respective place. This way you save on transportation boarding as well as surgery cost. This is a free sterilization drive , do not waste your money on ABC . After sterilization dogs will be released back to their territory.
Be the part of sterilization drive!!


CONTACT # 8708710898

This is indeed a welcoming news for the Gurugram caregivers and their furry friends.