India hasn't changed and COVID 19 too hasn't brought any change in cruelty towards dogs. Not a day goes by when a dog is not tortured in India. While we are asking for God to have mercy on us and to save us all from COVID, what are we doing with animals? Taking away their life. Has God given us the right to take away their life? When we cannot give them life then what right do we have to take away their life?

On 27th May a mad man in the state of Andhra Pradesh hammered a dog to death. He was hammering a dog as if he was hammering a branch of a tree. Kindly go on the following link to watch the video:

In another incident on 27th May 2020 a caregiver had gone out to feed her dogs when she came across a dog who had a gun shot on her forehead (pic in the post). She has been taken to the hospital and we hope that she survives. The caregiver is not sure if someone did that to her deliberately or it was by mistake that she was shot. Was it done by an adult or children for fun no one knows. To know the details of the incident kindly go on the link below:

In another incident a caregiver is relating her harrowing story of how the two dogs she feeds are under threat by the residents of her own locality and now she wants the dogs to be sterilized so that the dog does not reproduce and her pups are not poisoned. About 5 months back the female dog lost all her pups because they were all poisoned by the people The caregiver needs money to get the dog sterilized as she is getting it steriized privately. While due to lockdown the municipal corporations have suspended the  Sterilization drive, the caregivers cannot afford to do so. They cannot wait for the lockdown to get over. For them each day is precious because they don't want their female dogs to produce babies again who will eventually be poisoned, beaten to death, drowned in water or crushed under a vehicle.. So they are spending money from their pockets and getting the dogs sterilized.

It's a mental.and emotional torture for a caregiver to see the dogs they love, feed and provide medica care with die due to human cruelty. For the detailed report kindly go on the link below:


When will all the cruelty against dogs in India stop? When will the Govt machinery run a campaign for dogs? Which can motivate people to adopt them and give them place in their homes and if not homes then atleast  give them place in their heart. 

How long will a caregiver take care of 10, 20, 30, 40...... dogs? 

The caregiver is tortured doubly. He not only spends thousand of rupees on feeding the dogs but also take care of all their medical problems, including vaccination and Sterilization..

And then the worse is they have to safeguard their four legged friends from hostile people who beat them, poison them, throw acid at them, urine at them, hot water on them and fire gun shots at them. 

The life of a caregiver in India is no less torturous than their furry friends. 

Is it just the responsibility of the caregiver to take care of the dogs of India? The stray dogs as per law are called community dogs so isn't it the responsibility of the entire community to take care of the dogs? 

When will that happen? Who will tell the masses that dogs are everybody's responsibility and we all are responsible for their food, water, vaccination, Sterilization and protection.