A unique initiative has been started by Lakshman Molleti the founder of the Animal Water Bowl Project (AWBP). The project primarily aims at providing clean and safe drinking water for Street animals who often fall sick and die due to lack of water. 

His project has benefited many street animals. AWBP have distributed more than 3000 water bowls free of cost to individuals and animal lovers who wanted water bowls for their street animals. 

South India unlike North India is quite hot and stays warm throughout the year. Hence a large amount of drinking water is required by animals all the year round. 

AWBP have at the moment covered only two south Indian states: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but their aim is to cover the whole of India. It has also done some unique collaborations. 

They have collaborated with Pet Set & Go company which runs cabs for pets. The cab exclusively is meant for picking up and dropping of animals. It takes care of the needs of the pets and it's owners. This is indeed a unique cab service which is being provided in the city of Hyderabad. AWBP has collaborated with this company to pick and drop it's water bowls from one place to another in the city of Hyderabad.

Also AWBP has collaborated with UNICENT Kompally a private school where it brings awareness amongst the students about the environment and how they can help and contribute in its preservation.

The school Principal  C.V. Rama Devi has made Bird welfare a part of their school.curriculum. And AWBP helped the 5th  standard students to make feeder bowls for the birds which stay within the premises of the school. To read about AWBP and it's unique collaborations  with Pet Set & Go and  UNICENT KOM. Kindly go on the link below:


Unless the young minds are taught to respect animals and care for them not much can change in India. And the best place where they can learn is their school and college. India needs principals like Mrs Rama Devi who have made bird welfare a part of their school syllabus.

Also AWBP has done something which every Animal welfare organization in India should be doing. Collaborating with schools and colleges and teaching the young minds how to look after the animals living within their premises and their residential colonies. Many institutions in India are having stray dogs, monkeys and cats living within their premises. But unfortunately either the authorities turn a blind eye to them or they get them removed from their campus. While birds are loved by all but dogs are not. Authorities generally get the dogs removed and many get them removed ignorantly without knowing that relocation or removing of dogs is a punishable offence. 

Environmental studies is taught both in schools and colleges of India but sadly it is only confined to books. And the books focus only on trees, forest, air and wildlife. The books and teachers talk nothing about the street animals and how we can improve their living conditions and hence make our environment healthier and friendlier towards these voiceless and helpless creatures.