I always said money doesnt give a person heart or empathy, here is proof. During lockdown we have been seen so many cases of people with money chucking their pets like garbage...and then there are cases like these.

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They give their everything to hold their commitment alive Migrant family returning to Bundelkhand with a special friend — ‘Mr Tommy’ Santosh Kumar and his family, which comprises his wife, brother, two sons and his nephew. However, what marks this family apart is the seventh member — two-year-old ‘Mr Tommy’. Kumar was a street vendor in Panipat in Haryana and sold golgappas and tikkis for a living. However, his business came to a halt due to the nationwide lockdown announced on 24 March. With no means of survival, his family decided to undertake a 700-km journey from Panipat back to their native village in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh. It was in Panipat that Kumar and his family adopted Mr Tommy, a street dog, in 2018, when he was 40 days old. “His mother had delivered a litter of puppies and he (Mr Tommy) used to keep coming to our house and nibbled on food and drank water. Since then he has become part of our family and we adopted him,” explained Kumar, who specifically mentioned the dog’s name was Mr Tommy and “not just Tommy”. A greyish brown dog — resembling an Alsatian — Mr Tommy is fairly large for a two-year-old mongrel. Extremely protective of his family members, he barks at anyone who comes close or speaks to Kumar and the rest of his family. “There was no way I could leave him behind in Panipat, if I did he would start biting people there,” said Kumar. Kumar left for Bundelkhand in a cart attached to a motorbike, some one gave them food, and for tommy they have packed rotis and they'll see if they find curd or milk ahead. Every hour they keep water in a utensil for Mr Tommy to drink. In the world full of cruelty, such people inspire. Stop the punishment, please don't abandon your pets. It is illegal and punishable offense. - - - - - #lifeofstray #straydog #straydogs #streetdogs #petsarefamily #dontshopadopt #dogsworld #rescuepup #furfriends #animalwelfare #rescuepetsofinstagram #instagramdogs #mustlovedogs #thedodo #dogsarefamily #dogsarelove #dogsarebest #someonenotsomething #SpreadKhushiya #fortheloveofdogs #choosecompassion #peta #bekindtoanimals #loveallanimals #animalliberation #animallivesmatter #govegan Source: @theprintindia

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