After the lockdown, India has seen an unprecedented number of caregivers turned COVID 19 warriors on the roads to save their voiceless friends. 

COVID-19 won't make any distinction between a dog lover or a dog hater but these selfless soldiers are on the streets of India feeding their four-legged friends without any fear of the disease. 

Almost two months of lockdown and without much govt support these warriors have been continuously feeding their friends and kept them alive. 

There are thousands of such warriors and one such is Sanjay Mahapatra. He is the founder of House of Stray Animals, which is a shelter for stray animals in Noida. He started a unique way of helping stray animals during the lockdown. He started a kitchen for them and called it a community kitchen. The kitchen was not only catering to the stray dogs and cows which they were feeding but also providing food for other volunteers who wanted to feed their animals. Kindly go on the following link to read how thankful a caregiver is after she received food from the community kitchen:

On 16th May 2020 Sanjay at his centre met with an accident. He was attending to an animal when he fell from a height and got his nose fractured.  The doctor has asked him to take rest as his nose needs an operation but Sanjay doesn't want the community kitchen to stop. As per his wishes, the kitchen should continue feeding the stray...

There are many more Sanjays who are committed to the cause of feeding the stray. But in spite of that, the food is still insufficient and many stray animals are dying of starvation. 

To help counter this problem, NDTV with Donatekart has started an online campaign for procuring donations to feed the stray animals during COVID 19 pandemic

 Donatekart is India's most trusted donation platform and NDTV is certainly one of the most-watched television channels in India. To watch the campaign kindly go on the link below:

Animals and that too stray animals of India hardly get any television coverage from big media houses like NDTV. If that was the case then probably there would have never been a  need for such petitions. Media is the best means for creating any kind of awareness. They can do wonders and bring a change which we as individuals can never do. If media would have told people about the ABC programme then probably the dogs would not have been in such a sorry state nor there would have been so much man - man and man-dog conflict in India. Media has a lot of power but unfortunately, media in India has not given much importance to the dogs, their plight and the loopholes in the system which are responsible for so much conflict and confusion. 

Anyway we are glad that a beginning has been made and it is NDTV which has marked a new beginning in the history of television media in India. It has shown the world that Indian animals too matter to the Indian media. They are a part of the Indian society and we as humans have  a responsibility towards them. 

Thank you NDTV for opening the doors of media for the voiceless of India and joining the COVID 19 warriors in keeping their four-legged friends alive.

We hope this door shall always remain open for many more informative campaigns which  will help in bringing dignity and respect to the strays of India especially the Man's best friend.