These are just a few of the reported ones, imagine what kind of a scum human race actually is.


As dolphins return to Kolkata, Bengal men torture one on camera ..

Ahmedabad man shoots dog dead for sitting on his car
Puppies Poisoned in Raniket
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Found one of the pups we feed everyday in this state. Got her home, nursed her, fed her, held her as she lay unable to keep anything down. Finally after fighting for three hours, she gave up. Her two siblings, have also disappeared over the past two days. There is no point in feeding and medicating dogs on the street if they're just going to multiply and die horrible deaths while you look on helplessly. There has to be an end to this cycle of suffering. And that is only possible through sterilisation. Help us start our shelter/sterilisation center here in Ranikhet. Donate or spread the word around about us. It will take just one right connection to make this dream a reality. Google Pay: 9690279323 Bank transfer: Erum Ali Qureshi IFSC: IBKL0001109 a/c l: 1109104000055204 @ratantata @anandmahindra9396 @virat.kohli @anushkasharma @rohitsharma45 @thejohnabraham @aliaabhatt @thedodo #dogs #dog #puppy #puppies #help #saveanimals #animallivesmatter #shelter #dogshelter #hope #love #care #rescue #adoptdontshop

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Mandsaur dog beaten to death, her pups poisoned

Pregnant Dog beaten to death

tied, strangled, dragged on the streets in Pune to death