The act, what can be termed as barbaric and inhuman, an unidentified man slit the private parts of a stray dog in Mumbai's Vile Parle. A passersby woman spotted the dog lying in the pool of blood. It was then admitted to the hospital.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Mayur Dangar, Hospital Manager, Mumbai's Bai Sakerbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital, said, 'On Monday, the dog was admitted to the hospital in a serious condition. A woman found him lying in a pool of blood and brought him to the hospital. His private parts were cut off. For the past two days, he lost an excessive amount of blood. He was not eating as well.'

Dr Mayur further added, 'We are waiting for the wound to heal. If the wound doesn't heal, then we have to perform a surgery. The next 5-10 days, he will stay in the hospital. Fortunately, we managed to stop the blood flow, and now his condition is improving.'

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that a dog is attacked in this barbaric manner. A few months ago, a stray dog from Mira Road was also found lying in a pool of blood. His private parts and paws were slashed as well.