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Well they call them animals...so...who really are the beasts?




n a shocking case of animal cruelty, a man bit off an ear of a stray dog in West Begal's Hooghly district. He was caught by locals and handed over to the police when they hear the painful cries of the dog.

Man bites dog in West Bengal
The accused, Sambhunath Dhali, aged 35, was booked on charges of animal cruelty for the shocking act. (Representative image) |Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Kolkata: In a bizarre turn of events, a drunkard in Hooghly district of West Bengal bit off the ear of a stray dog. The accused, Sambhunath Dhali, aged 35, was booked on charges of animal cruelty for the shocking act after his neighbours handed him over to the police for the ghastly act. 

According to a report in Times of India, Dhali was employed as a construction worker and was known to be an alcoholic. He was a constant source of discord in the neighbourhood and would often pick fights after getting drunk at night.

Dhali often slept on the pavements and street dogs would bark at him. On one night when the dogs were barking at him, an inebriated Dhali did the unthinkable - he grabbed one of the dogs and ripped off its ear with his teeth.

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Upon this, the other dogs of the street attacked him as the canine whose ear had been bitten off writhed in pain. The drunkard managed to shoo the dogs away but the commotion by the time woke up the people in the neighbourhood.

They beat him up before handing him over to the authorities who produced him in the court. He was subsequently ordered to stay in jail pending a judgement.

Shocking incidents of animal cruelty have been reported from all over the country in the recent past. A few weeks earlier, seven puppies were found murdered in a posh Delhi locality. In August, five puppies were found beheaded and thrown in a dumpster in Hyderabad.