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Dog meat trade is increasing in India. Recently dog meat racket was busted in Kolkata, near Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
Kerala people tried their level best to do the same legally.
They begin by spreading fear of dog bites and then propose pounds or shelters to keep aggressive dogs.
Then the trade begins from these shelters.
We had busted such pounds in many cities in India in 2006 and up to 2009.
We got a stay against pounds from Supreme court in 2015.
But now these criminals are coming together like dog lovers to open shelters. Recently Bhopal Mysore and other cities started such campaigns. Sitapur is also based on this.
So as animal lovers you all shud know this and wherever you hear such a proposal must object or report to us so we may approach the SC.
Law is with us. We have to be vigilant. Time is tough for dogs as many forces are trying to legalize dog meat.