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UPDATE: The sub inspector of C.R Park Police Station Mr Anil, went and warned the culprits not to harm the dogs. Special thanks to him for taking the effort

It was just few months back when not only were some dogs beaten around and one poisoned in my own colony by unknown people of the RWA , my car was also damaged at night. You can read more about that in the link give above. Just 5 months have passed when I again started to see few of the dogs are having injured legs and other injury marks and decided to get to the bottom of it.

I was informed by few people that a certain person who lives across my lane and does nothing all day except smoke cigarettes standing in his balcony has ordered the colony guards to beat the dogs out of the colony park. (which is not only illegal but immoral) . The dogs are so friendly that they follow the children in the park and play with them and end up staying there. I was also told that he himself once went with a stick to beat them up .

My father, friend and I spoke to the guards and they confirmed that they were given such instructions by that vile man and I requested the guards not to follow it as its illegal and morally wrong. They agreed and said that they didn't want to do it themselves but were scared of losing their jobs. I ensured them that they won't. That very day they three of us also went and spoke to the man who completely refused that he ever gave any such orders to the guards so we believed him and went away.

The next evening, I heard a huge commotion happening and went to see what was going on. I was shocked to see that that same man was abusing the guards and me standing in the middle of the road. I stood and heard that he was accusing him of being the informant and was threatening the guard of dire consequences. I decided enough was enough and went to intervene. I told that horrible excuse for a man that the guard wasn't the person who informed me of his hatred of the poor animals, other people informed me and threatening to beat him and taking his job away was wrong.

He started abusing me and almost hit the guard. We got into a major altercation and I got in between the guard and him to protect the guard. Some neighbours came and stopped our altercation. I called the police and complained about him and the guard corroborated the whole story. 

The next day he called few more animal haters of the colony and got together to file a false police complaint against me that I beat him up which of course was totally false and there was no proof of it. I also received threatening calls from his son. Post which I filed a formal complaint against him for beating up dogs and threatening the guard, my father and me.

This is what a normal Indian has to face to take care of some animals in this country.